Why Do Manufacturers Need Epicor Advanced MES?

Epicor Advanced MES

Epicor Advanced MES 

For over 45 years, Epicor has catered to the needs of discrete manufacturers across several industry verticals. With inventory management, accounting, supply chain control and other tools consolidated in a single solution, Epicor ERP delivers the efficiency and precision required to achieve business growth. The vendor also works tirelessly to expand on its software solutions to add cutting-edge innovations and enhance existing functionality to meet current manufacturing demands.  

But for discrete manufacturers dedicated to continuous improvement, Epicor ERP isn’t complete without the Advanced Manufacturing Execution System (MES) module. Advanced MES extends your Epicor platform to further automate processes and monitor production 24/7. It can also be installed rapidly to provide a quick return on your investment.  

What does that mean for the future of your business? We’re going over the benefits of adding on the Epicor Advanced MES solution.  

Eliminate Downtime 

Every minute of downtime is money down the drain. Just an hour of downtime costs $260,000 for the average enterprise. Epicor Advanced MES equips users with the insights required to detect and eradicate downtime.  

Manufacturers can instantly access downtime and scrap analysis from intuitive scoreboards and reports. They can also receive automated alerts for machine conditions and other concerns, allowing them to solve problems before they create downtime. With statistical quality control (SQC) and statistical process control (SPC) as well as automatic part rejection and qualification, Advanced MES can help you avoid wasting time on reworking poor-quality products.  

Additionally, Epicor gives you the ability to easily stay on track with maintenance schedules and equipment performance. An assortment of preventive maintenance capabilities will help you increase the value of your assets and schedule production and repairs effectively. This ensures that equipment defects don’t cause unplanned downtime.  

Enhance Visibility 

As supply chains become more complex and global, maintaining 360-degree visibility into manufacturing processes gets harder. According to Aberdeen, an integrated ERP and MES solution can solve this problem. Manufacturers with both ERP and MES are twice as likely to have real-time visibility into all processes. Epicor Advanced MES can connect to any workshop machine to generate powerful metrics, such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), run rates, yield, material consumption, energy performance and more.  

Available in over 10 languages and across mobile devices, Advanced MES brings you actionable insights wherever you do business. Role-based dashboards ensure everyone has instant access to mission-critical data. With manufacturing metrics in hand, users can make decisions at a moment’s notice and develop data-driven strategies. Furthermore, automatic production monitoring abolishes the need for manual data collection. This will make employees more efficient and reduce errors in manual data entry.  

Wrap Up 

Although Epicor ERP includes a wealth of out-of-the-box discrete manufacturing tools, investing in Advanced MES is a simple way to dramatically increase the value of your software and transform your shop floor productivity. But make sure you have an Epicor expert to help you successfully install your Advanced MES system. 

Datix, an Epicor Gold Partner, has executed a wide range of Epicor projects for over 20 years. With first-hand experience in multiple manufacturing environments, our consultants know how to align your software with your nuanced business needs. We’ll also work with you from start to finish to deliver scalable, streamlined software solutions.  

Take your manufacturing performance to the next level with Epicor Advanced MES. For information on all things Epicor, get in touch with Datix today!  


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