Why a Prebuilt Integration Beats a Fully Custom One


Integrations save manufacturers time, money and increase profits, but it can be hard to know how to bring your ERP, CRM or other software together. Your IT team or an external company may be confident that they can offer a fully custom integration, but a prebuilt solution is often the superior choice. Unity: Integration by Datix is a prebuilt and highly customizable enterprise application that delivers seamless integration between ERP, CRM, e-Commerce, Marketing Automation Software, and other enterprise software. With Unity, you can experience the advantages of a prebuilt integration and the option to add customization to create the ideal integration for your unique organization. Prebuilt integrations like Unity beat out fully customized integrations because they are more affordable, faster to deploy, offer seamless updating and provide greater efficiency so your company makes more money.

More Affordable

A prebuilt integration will always be more affordable than a completely custom one. Let’s imagine your internal IT team believes they can create an ERP-CRM integration and argues that they are cheaper than hiring an outside consultant. While your IT team may seem to cost less, there are a few things to remember: 1) When your IT team is working on an integration, they can’t work on the critical tasks that you hired them to do 2) Your team knows tech, but they’re not integration experts 3) A fully custom integration means diving into APIs for all of your different enterprise applications and building out every different sync field, direction and time. Because of the complex nature of a custom integration, your IT team will need to spend countless hours creating (and fixing, and refixing) custom code. Even a hired consultant who specializes in integrations will need to do a ton of work to launch a fully custom integration, making the cost of a custom job much more expensive than a prebuilt solution. As a prebuilt solution, Unity provides significantly more value and ROI than our competitors or what your IT team can offer because most of the work is done before the project begins. During the initial consultation, our integration experts learn the specific needs of your business to understand your challenges and ensure that any custom additions to the system are tailored for you.

Rapidly Deployable

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, an integration that’s made from scratch will be time consuming because it takes hours to understand and develop a solution for every single API for every single application for every single sync field, direction and time. Even for an outside consultant, it would take a lot of time, let alone for your IT team. In contrast, a prebuilt integration like Unity is fast and easy to deploy. Our integration experts understand how to work with a variety of different applications, so we can find the setup that works best for you. Basic mappings between your systems can be completed in as little as one day and fully integrated systems can be completed in as little as three weeks.

Seamless Updates

Technology is constantly advancing and changing, meaning that software applications like your ERP, CRM or ecommerce platform will probably have multiple updates throughout the year. For a completely custom integration, these updates are a potential nightmare because they could each cause the integration to break and require new custom coding. Because Unity is a fully managed application by the Unity Support Team, updates are a breeze for Unity clients. In addition, Datix believes that our software, like your business, should be continuously improving. We offer our own Unity updates to make sure that our solution remains the best application on the market. These updates are a complimentary part of our management service and are a seamless part of the process for you.

Greater Efficiency and Results

When a system is built from scratch, you don’t know how its going to perform and if it will be worth the investment. Not so with Unity. Our prebuilt integration has a proven track record of bridging communication gaps, offering transparency, and streamlining processes so that our clients make more money. A survey of Unity clients with SMBs indicated that Unity saved their organizations, on average, almost 50 phone calls, 500 emails, and approximately 50 hours of work every month! On top of these efficiency savings, Unity allows your company to work smarter, not harder. Sales can close more deals using the current statistics and customer data at their disposal, Finance will have the information they need to resolve budgets and invoices, and Leadership will have full visibility of how the company is operating to make informed decisions that push the company forward.

Wrap Up

Between a fully custom and prebuilt integration, a prebuilt solution is the clear choice. Unity is the best prebuilt integration on the market for manufacturers looking to unify their organizations by creating a single source of truth.

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