What Makes Salesforce Number One in CRM?

Salesforce Number One CRM

Salesforce’s Superior Mobility and Data Analytics

Recently, the International Data Corporation (IDC) presented its Worldwide Semiannual Software Tracker, which monitors the software industry’s software revenue estimates and tracks the business performance of software from 80 market segments and 53 geographies. For the fifth consecutive year, IDC ranked Salesforce number one in CRM as well as sales applications, customer service applications and marketing applications. Even more impressive, Salesforce increased its market share by a higher percentage than all of the top twenty CRM vendors combined.

Why is Salesforce dominating all things CRM? Below, we look at just two of the areas where Salesforce is ahead of its time: mobility and data analytics.


Salesforce has long led the CRM market in mobility. Salesforce built cloud CRM applications with mobility in mind to ensure easy access to data. Essentially, if you can do it from your desktop, you can do it from your phone. CRM dashboards, reports and other features are available on any device. That enables users to launch marketing campaigns, analyze data, create leads, manage activities and use voice data entry from any location. Salesforce mobile app users enjoy faster business performance and constant customer insight, contributing to a 35% increase in sales productivity. Users can even stay connected without an internet connection because of offline capabilities. No other vendor offers mobile CRM solutions with this level of sophistication, making it a must for an increasingly mobile workforce.

Data Analytics

Salesforce has always leveraged customer data to deliver powerful predictions and insights, but the vendor took its analytics to the next level this past year by incorporating artificial intelligence into its solutions. Salesforce Einstein uses machine learning technology to fuel accurate forecasts and provide smart recommendations that drive business. Your immense data lakes transform into a 360-degree view of your customer as the Einstein suite interprets customer needs, shows users which leads are most likely to close and generates comprehensive reports. By prioritizing tasks, tracking leads and suggesting your next move in the sales cycle, Einstein helps businesses capitalize on bigger, better opportunities. Plus, by automating sales activities and updating customer records in real time, it eradicates the need for manual data entry, freeing up more time to win customers.

A couple months ago, Salesforce announced that it sends over a billion AI-driven predictions to its users every day. That shows just how much work artificial intelligence can do to improve your business strategies, increase efficiency and enhance customer experiences.

Wrap Up

Salesforce is number one in CRM for a reason—many reasons, in fact, and superior mobility and data analytics are just two of them. At Datix, our consultants specialize in enterprise software solutions for manufacturing and distribution success. As certified partners of both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 (which also ranked impressively in IDC’s report), we are uniquely positioned to help our clients determine which CRM vendor best fits their specific needs. Using Unity, our premier integration application, organizations can connect CRM with Epicor ERP to further streamline operations by creating a single source of truth.

Bottom line: our CRM experts know enterprise software and know your business, making us the optimal choice for Salesforce implementations and integrations. Take some time to check out our Unity video demo to see what makes our CRM and ERP integrations hassle-free and effective. For more information on our services and solutions, contact Datix today!


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