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Jet Analytics

Jet Analytics for Epicor ERP 

Data is supposed to give us the insights and predictions to help us make the right decisions to improve processes and drive business growth. But most of that data is going to waste. Forrester estimates that 60-73% of all data within an enterprise goes unused. That means manufacturers are missing out on critical information that could help them lower costs, boost revenue and optimize efficiency.  

Why is so much data underutilized? Organizations often operate multiple applications that generate a large volume of information. However, users can’t easily access metrics across all these systems and create accurate, timely reports from them. In fact, with all the data processed in manufacturing, it’s nearly impossible to make sense of it all without a robust solution. 

That’s where Jet Analytics comes in. data warehouse as well as a BI and reporting solution, Jet Analytics can be integrated with Epicor ERP to help users translate data into actionable insights. We’re taking you deeper into Jet Analytics to explain how it enables manufacturers to make the most of their data.  

360-Degree Company Insights 

One of the most common obstacles for manufacturers is supply chain visibility. When data is siloed in different applications and reports, manufacturers have a hard time gaining a full view of what’s happening. This can get in the way of accurate demand planning, maintaining quality standards or detecting bottlenecks.  

Jet consolidates data and analytics in one place. It can handle your largest ERP databases, letting you report against Epicor’s 100,000+ fields, so you can translate this data into valuable insights. With a single hub for enterprise data and reporting, users gain accurate, consistent analytics to detect issues, discover opportunities and make strategic moves to improve enterprise performance.  

Insights at Your Fingertips 

In the Age of Information, everyone needs access to analytics, but not everyone is a data scientist. A frequent challenge for businesses that try to adopt BI technology is poor user adoption. Employees might not have the technical knowledge to develop their own reports or make sense of data. Even with a BI solution, vital insights remain out of reach for these users. 

Jet Analytics is designed to simplify reporting, empowering all manufacturing employees to maximize the value of their data. Jet is uniquely designed to support any reporting or BI solution. That means users can leverage their familiar platforms—like Excel, Microsoft Power BI or Tableau—to report against their ERP data. Jet’s user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop capabilities allow employees to generate intuitive reports and dashboards in minutes.  

Furthermore, these insights are accessible from any device. By simplifying reporting and providing instant accessibility, Jet allows everyone in your enterprise to make smarter, faster decisions.  

Epicor Data Experts 

When implementing any enterprise software, it’s critical to follow a proven process to mitigate risk, meet project goals and achieve full user adoptionA premier consulting firm can help you successfully implement data analytics software. 

Datix is an Epicor Gold Partner that has worked with manufacturing and distribution clients for over 20 years. We understand nuanced reporting needs and how to manage ERP data. Our certified consultants can install Jet Analytics within a couple hours to deliver fast ROI.  

Additionally, we’ll work with you from start to finish to help you follow ERP and BI best practices. Our experts can assess your business processes to ensure you’re using clean data, solid reporting strategies and relevant metrics to optimize decision making. We can also train your users to successfully incorporate Jet into their daily practices. Datix goes the extra mile to make sure your data isn’t wasted. 

Wrap Up  

Enterprise data will keep growing and growing, making it imperative to implement a BI solution to extract valuable insights. With Jet Analytics fully integrated with Epicor ERP, you’ll always have access to the information you need to respond to issues and capitalize on opportunities. 

Ready to take your business to the next level with Jet Analytics? Contact Datix today to get started!  


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