What Does Full Data Visibility Mean for your Company?

Companies thrive on data. With data, you know how to move your organization forward, bring teams together, and efficiently streamline operations. Without it, critical decisions are made based on guesswork, departments bicker over shared workflows, and nothing ever changes. Software like an ERP and CRM are valuable tools for understanding information, but they cannot offer you a 360-degree view of your organization if they remained disconnected. An ERP-CRM integration offers full data visibility, allowing you to take your business to new heights.

Data-Based Decision-Making

Critical company decisions don’t need to be made blindly. Data-based decision-making is possible with the help of an integration. An integration allows you to operate out of one system so you can see the information you need and analyze your progress on company objectives. Unity: Integration by Datix is a prebuilt application designed to create a single source of truth for manufacturers. With it, you can maximize tools like forecasting, quoting calculators, and customer geographic metrics. It becomes abundantly clear what your company is doing well and where you can improve. When you partner with Datix, we ensure that your team can always make informed decisions by supporting you every step of the way. From the planning, to the implementation, to our active management of Unity, our team will make sure you always have the tools you need to move your business forward.

Simplified Business Processes

Convoluted business processes confuse workers, slow down operations, and lead to more errors. Instead of requiring employees to switch between software applications or creating departmental silos, an integration allows you to operate out of one system. Because everyone can see the same data, workflows become far simpler. Your team can enter data into their familiar software application, but everyone will be able to access it.

In addition, workflows can incorporate more automation to create reminders, alert staff if key data deviates outside of expected norms, and send out notifications on project updates. If you want the benefits of an integration but don’t know how to execute an integration, look to the experts at Datix. With our Unity system, you get to experience all the benefits of an ERP-CRM integration without having the added headache of managing complex software. That’s because Unity is fully managed for you, so our team takes care of daily monitoring, data transfer, software updates and providing rapid support. Let Datix take care of your integration

Enhanced Collaboration

With a Unity integration, your team will be on the same page and have the tools to collaborate.  Because an ERP-CRM integration makes your data fully accessible, you can create a unified company language that everyone understands and have everyone looking at the same select KPIs. Collaboration with an integration is seamless and natural. For instance, R&D can look at data from quality control data as well as customer feedback to understand what your organization is best at producing, what customers want to see, and what issues to prevent. When production is aware of sales and marketing efforts that are likely to increase business, they can proactively stock up on necessary inventory for future orders. Collaboration also comes when working with a trusted integration partner. At Datix, we learn about our clients and their competitive advantage using a business-first approach, so we can tailor our integration to maximize their outcomes. Learn more about experiencing Unity.

Wrap Up

Full data visibility allows organizations to unite organizations under a single source of truth. Experience the advantages of stronger decision-making, simplified workflows, and greater collaboration with Unity.

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