Unity X Fuels Global Manufacturing Success

Unity X Global Manufacturing Success

Bringing Epicor and XE Currency Data Together

Global manufacturing is no child’s play. Balancing multiple plant operations, maintaining visibility and managing compliance takes a toll on business leaders. This is especially true this year, as the market is undergoing a tumultuous period. Though currency rates are never predictable, all signs point to a higher level of foreign exchange volatility this year because of concerns in international trade relations and stimulus reductions from central banks.

However, exchange volatility shouldn’t be interpreted as manufacturing volatility. In fact, Bloomberg predicts that U.S. manufacturing is primed for growth this year, in part because of the global economy. Furthermore, the increasing availability of enterprise software empowers more small to midsize manufacturers to become major global players. Epicor ERP includes robust global management tools, but to further drive worldwide manufacturing success, Datix built Unity X to sync currency rates into ERP systems. Below, we explain how Unity X enables manufacturers to expand their business across borders without incurring tremendous risk or stress.  

Epicor ERP

Unity X combines two critical tools into one source for all your global manufacturing needs: Epicor ERP and XE. The first, Epicor ERP, makes it easier than ever for manufacturers of all sizes to keep abreast of regulations and supply chains. Compliance requires extensive tracking and accurate documentation. With Epicor, users can track a variety of processes and information right from their home pages. The wealth of accessible, real-time data as well as automated features helps businesses comply with even the most stringent regulations. Epicor also utilizes this data to enable precise documentation. Regarding the upcoming GDPR, Epicor users can take advantage of built-in procedures to protect customer data in accordance with the mandate.

Epicor meets other international business demands by supporting global multi-plant management. Manufacturers can sync operations and consolidate information from every corner of their enterprise to achieve efficiency and visibility no matter the scale of their business. The financial management module includes global engines to provide accounting agility while meeting regulations. In addition, multiple offices can use separate languages without undergoing costly customizations. Essentially, Epicor offers comprehensive capabilities to ensure smooth processes throughout your international enterprise.

XE Currency Data API

The flexibility and cohesiveness of Epicor are unparalleled, but when hooked up with XE, businesses gain the ultimate solution for global manufacturing. XE.com has served as the most trusted exchange authority for the past 20 years, providing up-to-date exchange rates for over 160 currencies regardless of market turbulence. Unity X automatically syncs exchange rates from the XE Currency Data API platform everyday into your Epicor multi-currency module.

This is a huge convenience, for without this tool, employees have to manually enter exchange rates into your system. Manual data entry takes up too much time and is prone to errors, as even the most diligent employee is bound to hit the wrong keys now and again. When it comes to conducting business in multiple currencies, these mistakes are devastating, potentially causing you to close international deals at the wrong time or make expensive accounting errors. Unity X provides manufacturers with the assurance that they have the right exchange information at all times to conduct business anywhere and everywhere.

Wrap Up

A seamless global manufacturing enterprise requires a seamless software system. Unity X integrates Epicor ERP and XE into one cohesive platform to mitigate risk, manage multiple currencies, enable transparency and drive efficiency. If that wasn’t enough, Unity X can be deployed within a couple hours. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of this system? Whether you’re just breaking into the global marketplace or continuing to expand your international enterprise, Unity X is a no-brainer.

Unity X is a testament to Datix’s commitment to building comprehensive enterprise software solutions for manufacturers and distributors. We’re the only Epicor Platinum Partner with integration platforms such as Unity and Unity X. That makes us both ERP and integration experts. To learn how our solutions bolster global manufacturing operations, contact our premier consultants today!


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