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Unity X Global Manufacturers

Manage Multiple Currencies with Unity X

As the enterprise marketplace becomes increasingly global, small and midsize manufacturers are getting in on the action. However, currency rates serve as a major obstacle for businesses hoping to expand. Using the wrong exchange rates could destroy your bottom line.

Many businesses resort to manually entering currency exchange rates into their ERP system. Big mistake. No manufacturer can afford the damage incurred when an employee accidentally enters an outdated exchange rate. On top of that, the inordinate amount of time it takes for that employee to input currency data could be spent on less mundane, value-added activities.

Unfortunately, no software solution can stabilize foreign currencies, but there is a solution that automatically enters up-to-date exchange rates directly into your Epicor ERP instance. That solution is Unity X, Datix’s premier currency management solution. But what exactly is Unity X? We’ll explain what makes Unity X a one-of-a-kind solution for global manufacturers by focusing on the two components which make it stand out: Epicor and XE Currency Data API.

Epicor and XE Currency Data API

Epicor ERP already comes equipped with tools that provide manufacturers the opportunity to gain a global edge. Epicor supports multilingual enterprises, compliance to stringent regulations and multi-site management, empowering each asset of your business to perform optimally around the world.  In addition, Epicor built its financial management system around global engines that enable financial control from any of your locations and robust multi-currency management. Whether you use a single database, multiple databases or multiple servers, Epicor enables transparent, efficient management of your entire international enterprise.

However, without accurate, automated currency rates, Epicor alone can only go so far in managing global businesses. That’s where Unity X comes in. Unity X automatically transfers exchange rates from XE Currency Data API into Epicor every day, improving accuracy and efficiency throughout your enterprise. In the past 20 years, XE.com has offered transparent exchange rates for over 60 world currencies, making it the most trusted exchange authority. Even with constantly fluctuating values, XE provides up-to-date rates to mitigate risk and allow manufacturers to profit in the global marketplace.

Wrap Up

As a certified Epicor Gold Partner, we know how to get the best from your ERP instance, no matter where it is hosted or the size of your business. With Unity X, we’re charging forward into the future of enterprise software and helping our clients break into the international marketplace.

Built using the same technology that powers Unity—our flagship product that integrates a myriad of software—Unity X seamlessly integrates exchange rates with Epicor daily. Datix rapidly deploys Unity X without interrupting your Epicor system. There is simply no other currency management solution out there as simple and reliable as Unity X. 

Need proof? Unlike our competitors, we can demonstrate our platforms live and in person, showing you what puts Unity X at the cutting edge of enterprise technology.

If you’re ready to take your manufacturing business global, contact Datix today to learn more about our innovative enterprise software solutions!


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