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Software Technology Trends Affecting Your ERP

ERP software dynamics are simply about, your business, the enterprise. Solution-enabling technologies should be used to augment and optimize what your core ERP software can do for you. Your priorities, determine what ERP software implementations will minimize risk and maximize return. The five need-to-know technological trends that must be familiarized during this process: Cloud, In-memory, IoT, mobility, and SaaS.

We recently went over the importance of focusing your attention on need-to-know terms in the software technology industry. Cloud, In-memory, IoT, mobility, and SaaS are just a few of the many technological trends that directly affect EPICOR software dynamics. New trends and new technological capabilities are abundant when looking at the enterprise software space from a broad point-of-view. However, there is one software that these five important terms describe. That software is Microsoft Azure.

How Microsoft Azure Supports EPICOR

The two things you need the most, or rather, the two things most organizations are concerned about—are the abilities to minimize risk and maximize the return on your time and financial commitment. Datix utilizes Microsoft Azure, to make the most of these two needs within EPICOR. The completely cloud-based environment we have developed for EPICOR leverages Microsoft’s constantly-expanding worldwide network of data centers to create, build, manage, and proactively monitor complete networks running EPICOR as well as other disaster recovery, server, and storage needs. 

Because we are proactively monitoring our environments, we can increase cloud capabilities to meet and even exceed your networking requirements while increasing processing speed, preventing system latency, or eliminating processing delays.

These are important benefits offered by Microsoft Azure, however, measurable cost-management does not end with just technical benefits. Azure offers other benefits to your business which reduce costs and impact your bottom line. Those benefits include:

  1. Virtual machines (VMs) – These cloud-based VMs will host EPICOR on an app server, however, we can build out additional servers to meet your needs for document management, LIMS, or other “point solutions” you need within your company.

  2. SQL databases – We offer managed SQL databases, and have proactively set-up our environments to auto provision from one to an unlimited number, to provide SQL computing power for the peak times of the day to increase your operational performance.

  3. Azure Active Directory (AAD) – This service for lets us remotely manage group policy, and authentication. AAD makes it easy to move your security structure to the cloud.

  4. Storage – Microsoft allows Datix to provision safe, reliable, highly accessible data storage within Azure. Storage is scalable and allows us to build a safe and cost-effective storage plan for you.

  5. Load Balancing – In Azure, load balancing improves the distribution of workloads across multiple servers.  A load balancer distributes incoming requests to any available server capable of storage fulfillment in separate regions.

  6. Traffic Managers – Datix utilizes Traffic Managers to improve the availability of important applications by monitoring our environments, and automatically directing users to the next best location when there’s a data failure.

  7. Geo-Replication – A data storage replication process in which the same data is stored on servers in multiple distant physical locations. The active geo-replication within the Datix hosting environment is designed as a business continuity solution that allows the application to perform quick disaster recovery of individual databases in case of a regional disaster or large-scale outage. When geo-replication is enabled, the application can initiate fail-over to a secondary database in a different Azure region.

These elements allow us to build both national and international virtual network for our domestic and global customers.


Narrowing your focus to find optimal software technologies for your business can be an overwhelming task. The most important software technology trends need to be filtered down to those that affect your current software and those that will optimize your process.

As an innovative enterprise software firm, Datix understands your business needs to execute software solutions that work. That’s why Datix is here, and that’s how we transform your business through software.

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