Top Ecommerce Platform Provider Selected for Retail Site Upgrade

When internet retailer, Parts-Express needed an updated ecommerce site, they turned to Znode, a Datix ecommerce platform of choice. Ohio based Parts Express has been offering electronic parts and accessories for the auto industry online since 1996. Their site receives more than 1 million visitors each month, handles more than 1,000 transactions per day and needed to replace its outdated system with a robust and personalized system.  Znode can handle very high volume transactions with ease and allows for an array of complex integrations. Znode helped make their retail site upgrade a success.

“Znode was able to deliver a comprehensive platform that not only could meet our six month implementation timeline and aggressive launch schedule before the busy holiday season but also provided world-class flexibility that would help future-proof our business,” said Jeff Stahl, President of Parts-Express.

World Class Ecommerce for All

While this platform works well for the enterprise level, it is also effective for smaller and midsized companies of all types.  Manufacturers and resellers will see why Znode is one of the fastest growing ecommerce platforms. At Datix, we choose to implement Znode as our ecommerce platform of choice for clients. It works well for businesses looking to upgrade or those who have never had an ecommerce site before. Whether you need a B2B or B2C platform, Znode, a ASP.NET platform, will allow you to convert more customers, increase average order value and reduce cart abandonments.

See what Znode can do for you and connect with us for assistance in developing your new ecommerce site. We are glad to help with any questions you may have. Find us on Twitter @DatixInc or on LinkedIn.

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