Tips for Training Employees on your Epicor ERP System

 Training Employees on your Epicor ERP System

What happens after your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is installed is vital to the continued and complete use of your new software. At the end of implementation, you as the project lead, may have a good idea of how to use the software, but training your entire company may be another challenge. Working with a consulting firm during this process can be worth it. Here are some training tips:

Train in Inter-Departmental Teams

We have found that training users in smaller groups tends to be the most effective. These groups should comprise employees from other departments so each person understands how her actions affect other areas of business.

Train on Company Time

Asking employees to learn about the system after hours is fine, but you will have better control over questions or stumbling blocks during company time. Keeping team unity during this process is important, too.

Get Your Shop Floor Involved

Training the shop floor employees may be overlooked. You may think you don’t want to spend time training the shop floor personal because it will affect manufacturing efficiency during the training session. Time spent in training can prevent greater losses that may occur later on.

Update Employees on the System Annually

You may have new employees or may find knowledge of the system slips over time. It can be beneficial to have annual refreshers.You may even want refresher courses later on and will want to be familiar with the complexities of the software.

Work with a Consultant

Reading materials and having book knowledge about how to do something is no substitute for hands on training. Working with a consultant, who understands the roles within your organization, can be a great option. Using these suggestions will help make the implementation process smoother. Ultimately, you want well-versed and engaged users of your new ERP software.

Let us know if this helps and what other tips have helped your ERP implementation training go smoothly.  Connect with us on Twitter @Datixinc and find us on Linkedin.

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