The Business Case for Upgrading ERP

Upgrade ERP

Why Upgrade ERP?  

In our recent post about developing a business case for an ERP implementation, we described the difficulty of convincing executives and stakeholders to back software projects. While they tend to focus on the risk, complexity and costs of IT initiatives, they fail to see the value that can be achieved once the project is fully executed.  

This applies to ERP upgrades as well. If your C-Suite finds nothing wrong with your ERP system’s current performance, they won’t see the point in investing in the software’s upgrade. What they don’t understand is that this project could help their business gain an edge over the competition and reduce risk, which are both priorities for any growth-minded executives. We’re going over the benefits of upgrading ERP that will help you make a compelling business case.  

Beat the Competition  

Being a step ahead of the competition means being smarter, faster and more agile than other companies. But this only happens when your technology is smarter, faster and more agile than your competitors’ platforms. An Aberdeen study found that best-in-class organizations are 94% more likely to have the latest version of their ERP. Another Aberdeen study reported that companies operating the most recent version of their ERP software enjoyed greater visibility, better inventory management and lower operational costs.  

The reason for these improvements is all the new features introduced with each release. ERP vendors continuously add cutting-edge tools such as AI, BI and IoT to provide richer insights and a real-time view of enterprise performance. Though it may seem like more features will create a complicated platform, vendors also work on continuously improving the user experience. For example, AI voice assistants can share data at a moment’s notice, and configurable dashboards allow each user to personalize their system. This makes employees more efficient and aware of what’s going on throughout the organization. 

Epicor, a leading ERP solution for manufacturers, debuted 2,000 new capabilities and 20 modules in version 10 of its software, including eCommerce and social collaboration features. With versions 10.2.400 and 10.2.500, Epicor also added an AI virtual assistant, IoT functionality and user experience enhancements, helping your business maximize the value of enterprise data and gain a deeper understanding of your shop floor performance. Equipped with deeper insights and more efficient processes, you’ll be able to make strategic improvements that put your company on top.  

Mitigate Risk 

Business leaders often look at IT projects as risky ventures. Anything beyond the necessities could fall apart and cost your company a fortune. But operating outdated applications poses an even greater threat. Legacy programs will start to lag or freeze, taking hours to process data and perform basic tasks. This is especially the case for businesses experiencing rapid growth and large datasets. An up-to-date solution includes modern technology designed to handle big data and provide faster speeds.  

Epicor 10 is a prime example. For version 10, Epicor redesigned the architecture, creating a 100% Microsoft stack and simplifying the structure to give it almost double the speed of version 9. Furthermore, Epicor 10 requires fewer servers, resulting in easier installation and reduced hardware cost. With a scalable, modern platform, you won’t have to worry about slow performance or growing data getting in the way of your business.  

Additionally, each software release is equipped with patches and security features designed to fix previous bugs and offer greater protection. With over 350,000 new malicious programs and potentially unwanted applications being registered every day, your old software isn’t equipped to protect itself against viruses. Upgrades introduce the latest security technology to safeguard your valuable data and processes from cyberattacks. 

Wrap Up  

You can’t expect to grow your business or elevate your performance if you rely on outdated enterprise software. When you upgrade your ERP, you upgrade your business.  

At Datix, we’ve helped countless manufacturers upgrade to Epicor 10. We’re an Epicor Gold Partner experienced in simplifying upgrades, so moving from Epicor 9 to the latest version is painless. Our certified consultants have also performed reimplementations for businesses with Epicor Enterprise, Vista or Vantage. From start to finish, we execute projects and offer comprehensive support to maximize ROI. 

Don’t let legacy software hold back your business. Reach out to our ERP experts to begin your Epicor upgrade.  


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