The Business Benefits of ERP

Imagine if you could execute perfect order fulfillment quickly for your customers. A company like that would be nearly unstoppable, especially if it could also maximize its workforce to minimize downtime and waste. These benefits, and others, are possible with the right ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Here’s how ERP can transform your business.

Execute Perfect Order Fulfillment

Perfect order fulfillment, especially fast perfect order fulfillment, sounds like an impossible dream. That’s because there are a lot of pieces involved: you need to be working from accurate data, work needs to start and occur quickly, and production schedules need to somehow accommodate all of your customers’ orders.

Let’s address how the right ERP can resolve these issues one at a time. As an enterprise system, an ERP is the central place for business data, so your teams will know exactly where to look to find order information. A lot of this information can be added automatically through tools like barcode scanners, so your data is safe from human error. By setting up automated alerts, you can immediately notify production when a new order comes in so they can add it to the schedule. When it comes to creating and executing those schedules, an ERP makes it simple to see everything that needs to be done, the different timelines for each, and allows you to coordinate production efforts to support your customers. An ERP assists with every aspect of order fulfillment, so you deliver perfectly executed orders every time.

As a one-stop shop with 25 years’ experience, Datix knows how to execute ERP solutions. Our team will deliver the right solution plan so you can achieve your company objectives. Learn more about an ERP implementation from Datix.

Decrease Production Downtime and Waste

With real-time data at your fingertips, it becomes simple to see the bottlenecks in your production line and identify sources of waste. With 360-degree visibility into your organization, you can quickly identify weak points in your processes that are slowing you down. With these areas detected, you can reduce downtime with business process management or ERP tools like automated notifications. Automating parts of the business process also increases efficiency for your employees.

Waste is a necessary biproduct of manufacturing, but it is possible to decrease it with an ERP. Product defects are a major source of waste, but an ERP can minimize their likelihood. By setting up clear business processes in an ERP, you can bring your team together to understand exactly how to execute different tasks. You can require steps to happen in the correct order, include required fields, and set up field parameters so that data falls within reasonable thresholds. In addition, if something goes wrong or a machine breaks, you can have your system notify you immediately. You can also reduce waste from excess production through forecasting demand with your ERP.

To remove waste and downtimes from your business, talk to an ERP consultant like Datix. We take the time to learn how our clients operate using our business-first approach, so we can ensure our clients’ success.

Maximize Labor Management

Employees are the lifeblood of organizations, so they need to be managed carefully.

When it comes to hiring, it is critical to accurately understand what skilled workers you need now and which workers you will likely need in the future. An ERP can offer real-time data across your organization, allowing you to see the precise labor needs required for different types of jobs. You can then use forecasting to estimate your labor needs for upcoming months or years based on your anticipated job predictions.

For managing existing employees, it is important to identify priority work. Frequently, manufacturers misallocate their labor so that their skilled workers are spending their time on the wrong tasks, instead of focusing on high priority work. This may mean training, transferring, or hiring workers with specific skillsets so that you have the staff necessary to complete critical tasks. With the right people in the right seats, you can schedule your human resources effectively today and as your business takes on more business.

Wrap Up

The business benefits of an ERP system have the power to take your organization to the next level. Don’t fall behind because your software is holding you back.

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