Surprising Benefits of Cloud ERP

Surprising Benefits Cloud ERP

Host ERP in the Cloud

Several of the main benefits of cloud-hosted ERP—including the cost savings, increased mobility and ease of implementations and upgrades—have been widely proclaimed by cloud advocates. However, a myriad of other advantages has flown under the radar. To provide a fuller picture of the business improvements enabled by cloud software, we’ve compiled a list of some of the often-ignored rewards of cloud ERP.

Environmental Impact

As resources continue to diminish, it’s imperative for businesses to become mindful of their ecological footprint. On-premises ERP deployments take a tremendous toll both on our wallets and our planet. An in-house system requires the building of new servers which must be transported to the workplace. Once installed, electricity is generated to power the system.

This extensive, costly process is no longer necessary as a result of cloud technology. Cloud ERP doesn’t require the installation of physical machines, making it a more cost-effective, efficient and environmental process. A WSP Environment Research study even found that the carbon footprint per transaction on cloud-hosted software is 95% less than an on-premises deployment. This makes cloud solutions the greenest way to run your enterprise.

Furthermore, some cloud providers are going the extra mile to promote environmental sustainability. Several Microsoft Azure data centers have long been 100% carbon neutral. Now, 50% of their data centers are powered by renewable energy sources. When you host ERP in the cloud, your business makes a step forward in becoming a greener enterprise.

More Security

Whenever there’s a security breach, people are quick to point their fingers at cloud technology. However, the culprit can almost always be found elsewhere. Contrary to popular belief, cloud service providers offer greater protection of sensitive enterprise data.

Manufacturers and distributors seldom have the resources to fully monitor and enforce data security. Cloud vendors, on the other hand, increasingly invest in security measures and monitor each software instance 24/7 to protect their users’ systems. Microsoft Azure also comes with a 99.95% service-level agreement (SLA), guaranteeing minimal downtime. Moving your ERP to the cloud will leave your enterprise less vulnerable to cyber attacks and other disasters.

IT Workload

At this point, you’ve likely realized the intense labor and skill needed to manage on-premises ERP software. On-site implementations require a lot of time and work from your in-house IT team, not only during the initial deployment but for ongoing support, updates, patches and security. Cloud-hosted systems take this work off your IT department’s hands by delegating these tasks to your provider. This enables the IT team to concentrate on revenue-generating activities.

Business Expansion

Cloud ERP makes it easy for businesses to expand into new markets and open new offices. Rather than undergo hardware purchases and set-ups, your cloud providers can simply add employees and new locations to your existing ERP service. This proves far easier and more cost-effective than taking on additional on-premises implementations.

With Microsoft Azure, you can enjoy infinite scalability and customizability. Its on-demand infrastructure ensures that you’re only paying for the coverage you need. Azure’s flexibility means there are no limits on your enterprise’s growth and development. 

Wrap Up

A growing number of manufacturers and distributors are opting for cloud-hosted ERP software, and it’s easy to see why. Besides the often-touted benefits of lower costs, simpler implementations and greater flexibility, cloud software also proves more environmental and secure. Plus, it eases the stress off your IT team and makes it easier to expand your enterprise.

In its commitment to supporting an array of customers, Epicor ERP facilitates a variety of deployment methods. As an Epicor Gold Partner, Datix can support whichever deployment option best suits your unique business needs. Our certified consultants also specialize in hosting Epicor in Microsoft Azure, the leading public cloud platform. We’re a top ERP consulting firm because of our continued excellence in executing scalable ERP implementations and integrations that work.

Enjoy all the advantages of cloud computing. Contact Datix today!


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