Spend Less Time Auditing Data with an ERP-CRM Integration

Any manufacturer should periodically audit their essential data to ensure that errors don’t slip through the cracks. However, the ideal software setup minimizes the number of errors possible so that you don’t need to check your employees’ work constantly. With Unity: Integration by Datix, you can reduce errors by operating out of a single system. Here are a few ways a Unity ERP-CRM integration reduces errors and streamlines audits.

Compare Information Seamlessly

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see and compare all of the data you need at once when auditing? Unity makes that easy. Our clients can tailor their user interface so they have the critical data they need in straightforward charts or tables. Instead of hunting through your system for data, you can have everything right at your fingertips. Operate out of one system with a Unity integration and gain a single source of truth.

Set Field Requirements in Workflows

How do you keep data accurate? Field requirements. Putting field requirements in place ensures that human error doesn’t mess up your information collection. With an ERP-CRM integration, you can have your entire organization working under unified business processes. These business processes use data fields with set requirements to ensure that data is entered correctly. For instance, you can mark certain fields as required for tasks like purchase orders, and even specify the type of data inputted into those fields (text only, numbers, must begin with a certain prefix, have a maximum number of characters, etc.).

In addition, if you have data that truly needs to be reviewed on a regular basis, you can create automatic notifications that go to a manager to indicate that it is time for an audit. This gives you the confidence that critical data is consistently being reviewed.

If you need help setting up your integration to make the most out of field requirements, talk to the one-stop shop at Datix. We help you set up and tailor your solution and then will manage your integration for you once it is live. Discover the power of Unity.

Less Manual Data Entry Means Less Time Auditing

Having multiple, disconnected software applications inevitably means spending hours adding data to each system manually. This work is tedious, and, worst of all, it is likely to lead to human errors. Instead of getting frustrated by dual data entry, an integration means that information only needs to be entered into your system once. Unity passes data between your software seamlessly, so you never need to enter data into multiple systems again. Because ERP data is frequently automated with barcode scanning and because you can use dropdown menus for adding information into your integration interfaces, far less of your data will need to be entered by hand. To get rid of manual data entry from your business processes, talk to the experts at Datix. We take a business-first approach with our clients to ensure that they get the best solution possible for their unique needs.

Wrap Up

Auditing is considered a “necessary evil” of manufacturing, but it is really a force of good for your organization. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the auditing process, look to a Unity integration to set yourself up for fewer and simpler audits.

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