Simplify Business Processes with ERP

Business processes need to adapt as your company and the marketplace evolves. Many companies are reluctant to change their business processes even when their growth rate has stalled because the status quo feels comfortable and worked in the past.

“Just give it more time and things will bounce back,” employees may say. They may also blame current economic conditions or some other factor for the slowdown, while missing the key point: you are in danger of being left behind.

If you don’t take the time to improve your business processes, then it is inevitable that your organization will begin to stagnate, no matter what economic conditions are in play.

Fortunately, a modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system offers the tools and functionality to streamline your operations. Learn how the right ERP can simplify business processes so you can take your business to the next level.

Automate Business Processes

There are countless business processes that are essential to your firm’s development, but your software can help simplify them. Quoting, pricing, restocking inventory, soliciting competing bids from suppliers, and other critical tasks can be automated through the right ERP. Quoting is one of the most important aspects for securing orders, but you need to factor in current raw material prices and labor costs if you want to be competitive while protecting your bottom line. Rather than calculating quotes by hand or in an outside spreadsheet, your ERP can do the work for you and allow you to deliver a realistic quote to a prospective customer within moments. Nothing hurts closing a sale more than having to say “I’ll have to get back to you” when a customer is anxious to know your prices.

Automating business processes allows tasks to be easier and more accessible to different employees. It is true that you may have employees that have developed strong intuition for duties like pricing, but your team may over depend on these individuals to offer their insight all the time. Instead of waiting hours or days for one person to be available, you can simply let your ERP calculate what you need to know. With work that involves managing multiple entities at the same time, it is a huge help for the ERP organize the process. For instance, you can send out bid requests based on a preestablished template message and be able to compare all the responses at the same time. If you want to streamline your business processes and unlock your potential, talk to the experts at Datix. For 25 years, we have helped our clients with their ERP ecosystems throughout every stage of their software evolution, for the planning to the implementation and beyond.

Real-Time Data Transparency

When you use a modern ERP that is tailored to your business, you gain real-time data transparency for simplifying business processes. You can see everything from the number or jobs being worked to project statuses, KPI numbers, and current inventory levels. An ERP gives you the capacity to look production at on the micro level (like checking the progress notes of a particular task) to the macro and seeing the big picture of your organization. You can even analyze this data through your system’s report features, comparing data for different years, shifts, or facilities. Instead of asking your staff to spend hours manually tracking critical data in a master spreadsheet, you always have current information at your fingertips. By looking at the data, you can flag areas of your business that are slowing you down, allowing you to prioritize adjusting those business processes first. An ERP also makes it simple to cut out unnecessary parts of your business processes if you have the right solution for your organization. At Datix, we offer each of our clients a business-first approach to ERP solutions, meaning that we take the time to understand how they operate. Let Datix make a tailored plan for your organization to simplify its business processes.

Wrap Up

Business processes are the key to transforming your organization if you utilize an ERP to its fullest to simplify your systems. Don’t let your company fall behind because of outdated methodology.

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