Redefine your Technological Capabilities with Microsoft Azure

Your New Need-To-Know

 In today’s quickly evolving market, technology comes with many crucial terms that are becoming need-to-know. One that might not be on your list: Microsoft Azure.

In businesses across industries—from distribution and retail to Government Defense and manufacturing—IT teams are choosing Microsoft Azure to develop new applications and break down risk. Every cloud computing platform we develop can be deployed, restarted, scaled, and upgraded independently from other services. When managed by an automated system, teams can frequently backup and update applications without negatively impacting users. If your organization is ready to seize these advantages, then making the seamless transition into Microsoft Azure is a pivotal step toward innovation and positively impacting your bottom line.

Why Microsoft Azure?

There are countless reasons why members in our multi-industry community have their systems integrated with Microsoft Azure. Many are looking for a cloud computing platform that provides a strategic advantage over maintaining physical hardware by boosting computing power, storage capabilities, assistance, Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities, or an opportunity to network. By using a cloud-based service, your organization makes an essential leap in security measures and backup potential.

If you’re looking for a data overhaul in the coming years, the technology Datix provides offers the kind of flexibility that you might have struggled to find with an older-generation solution. With guaranteed uptime, redundant back-ups, and real-time disaster recovery fail-over, your data is completely covered in the event of an emergency. Along with benefits from a security standpoint, we offer a full range of Platform as a Service (PaaS) options, mobility, and the agility of an environment that grows with you—covering you from a cost-management standpoint.

Our cloud-based computing services, including those that require ITAR and NIST800 compliance, are offered with the intention of providing you with the most dynamic security advantages available from any location to keep your operations organized, effective, and safe.

Streamlining the Complexity Factor

One challenge of getting cloud-based platforms working for your business has been the complexity factor, but the system developed by Datix has a track record for building seamless integrations—offering a friendly front-end that aims for ease of use. Datix has been working with Microsoft Azure since August 2013, when we constructed our first hosting environment.  Seven years later, we continue to grow and expand our services while maintaining a 99.998% uptime for our customers. Today, the Azure Global Infrastructure includes data centers in 58 regions, including two undisclosed Government regions, spanning across 140 countries.

Redefine your Focus

It’s easy to get lost in new technology trends and capabilities to the point that you forget about your own business needs. Cloud-based software can provide your business with a multitude of benefits that are largely overlooked. Instead, choose which technologies you consider need-to-know based on what your business stands to gain rather than trying to hear all the noise at once. Redefine your focus on need-to-know software technology.

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