Practice What You Preach: Why We Use the CRM and ERP Systems we Sell

woman-desk-smiling1Datix uses the products that we recommend to our clients. Why? We must completely understand how our products and services solve day-to-day pains in order to fully appreciate the value they generate.

For example, we are a Microsoft CRM partner, so our sales team uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM for its day- to-day sales activities.

“As for the use of CRM, I have gotten to the point where I couldn’t imagine working without it,” said Kyle Harsha, an Account Executive with Datix. “Because I have so many conversations, emails, LinkedIn interactions, etc., I often forget things that I’m supposed to do.”

CRM is the best way to keep sales activities on track.

“CRM has become a crucial tool in organizing my day, keeping me in the sales process that we use, allowing me to communicate with everyone, and showing the results of the marketing programs,” added Harsha.  “I love the functionality and ability to quickly run reports, and the visual components are cool too in regards to the dashboards.”

Datix runs the cloud version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. This allows our employees to access CRM data anywhere. Our consultants, for example, travel frequently to visit clients. If they need to view client information they will always have access.

Marketing and Sales Unification

CRM also allows our sales and marketing efforts to stay aligned. Nowhere is this more relevant than with our email marketing efforts. When a sales rep meets a potential prospect, adding this client along with notes to the CRM allows our marketing coordinator to develop out campaigns.

ERP for Better Project Management

We are also an Epicor ERP partner. We use Epicor for the project management functions and for time and expense reporting. All of our consultants and business analysts are comfortable navigating the system and have familiarity with Epicor even before their first client project. We recently migrated to Epicor 10 and completed the migration smoothly. This gives us key insight and empathy for our clients as they embark on the upgrade from Epicor 9 to Epicor 10.

CRM and ERP Integration

We are a Scribe Software partner, as well. Scribe allows partners to develop connectors. The connector that we built, sell and use is called Datix Connect. Datix Connect allows users to connect their CRM, typically Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM (both Datix partners), to Epicor ERP. Internally, Datix Connect allows us to keep our consulting and sales teams on the same page. The exchange of data is always up-to-date and everyone has access to this information from any device.

Questions about using CRM or ERP? Contact us anytime.

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