Overview of Epicor ERP 10.2.400

Epicor ERP 10.2.400

What’s in the Latest Version of Epicor? 

Epicor knows that a growing, cutting-edge enterprise can’t stick with the same old ERP software. Every day, there’s a new development in artificial intelligence, process automation or IoT technology that’s waiting to make an impact on your company’s success. That’s why Epicor unleashes new capabilities with each release. The vendor knows how to leverage the latest technological advancements to solve real issues for manufacturers and distributors.  

Epicor’s most recent release is no exception. Epicor 10.2.400 makes it easy for organizations to unlock innovative technology to elevate their business performance. Below, we go over some of the most exciting features in the latest version of Epicor ERP.  

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Epicor Virtual Agent 

A core focus of each Epicor upgrade is to equip businesses with future-ready solutions. The vendor stays at the cutting edge of enterprise technology, providing innovative ERP features to drive business growth and fuel current and future success. With this latest release, Epicor is doing that by introducing the Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA), a digital assistant powered by AI 

EVA helps users access data faster than ever. A virtual agent that appears on screen, EVA can be reached through voice or text. Whenever you need insights to make a crucial decision, you can simply ask EVA. That means no more navigating multiple menus while a customer or supplier is waiting for a response. From your desktop or your mobile device, you can leverage EVA to gain insights at your fingertips. It also forecasts and automatically adjusts production or distribution levels in line with customer demand. These dynamic capabilities will make your workforce more responsive, productive and in tune with your enterprise performance.  

Epicor IoT 

Developing a future-ready enterprise is all about facilitating deep connectivity. That means bringing people, technology and equipment together to execute tasks and view data in one place. This is achieved through the Internet of Things (IoT), which refers to the practice of using sensors to monitor and collect data from devices, products and machines. These insights can give you an instant view of shop floor performance, but all this information needs to go somewhere.  

That’s where the latest release from Epicor ERP comes in. Epicor IoT is a new module which leverages the Microsoft Azure IoT Hub to automatically collect data about equipment, assets, inventory locations and environmental factors. Using an advanced rule-based engine, Epicor IoT detects patterns and provides alerts to help you identify issues on the factory floor. With real-time data, users can locate bottlenecks, monitor downtime and visualize KPIs to respond to problems and improve production strategies.  

Sales Order Automation 

ERP solutions are designed to make businesses more efficient and accurate, particularly through automating processes. Epicor 10.2.400 promotes even greater efficiency and accuracy through automating sales order entries. Rather than task some of your users with tedious manual order entries, your software will capture purchase order data from inbound emails and scanned documents using Epicor DocStar. By automatically filling in order forms, this new capability reduces the time spent on mundane processes and ensures you have precise data to fulfill customer orders.  

MES Expansion 

The manufacturing execution system (MES) is one of the most important tools for keeping production lines in order. The latest version of Epicor ERP improves the user experience of its MES module to give you better insights into the production lifecycle. The Kinetic Design System provides a simplified workflow and sleek interface to make MES dashboards easier to use. Additionally, the solution is now available on the go. Employees can access MES screens from mobile devices to provide instant visibility across the shop floor.  


Epicor’s most recent upgrades have demonstrated the vendor’s commitment to offering a streamlined user experience. The newest release includes several updates to the solution’s interface. The active home page includes new widgets to expand visibility. For example, the Discovery IoT Widgets show the current status of IoT devices, and a Data Discovery Dashboard provides a collection of several views to help you compare multiple datasets.  

Additionally, Epicor 10.2.400 modernized the look and feel of the Job Scheduling Board, one of the most frequently used screens. It leverages the Kinetic Design System to create a Gantt-based view of the scheduling board that is faster and easier to use. The Epicor Mobile Warehouse is also available for Android devices, giving users an intuitive interface and optimized workflow to facilitate accurate scanning and accelerate process transactions. These features and other UX improvements reduce training times and increase individual productivity.  

Wrap Up 

For over 45 years, Epicor has excelled in delivering cutting-edge ERP solutions that meet practical manufacturing and distribution requirements. But not all businesses have an easy time with their software upgrades. 

The experts at Datix can help. An Epicor Gold Partner, our certified consultants have provided ERP solutions and services for over 20 years. No matter which version of Epicor you’re on, we can help you get up to speed on Epicor 10We simplify upgrades and reimplementations, so you can enjoy the latest ERP functionality without going over your budget or timeline.  

Epicor 10.2.400 is available now. If you’re in the St. Louis area, be sure to check out our demo of Epicor’s latest release at our next Midwest Epicor Users Group meeting on July 18thCan’t make it? Get in touch with one of our ERP experts to learn more about upgrading to the new version of Epicor!  


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