Midwest Epicor Users Group Meeting 7.18.2019

Midwest Epicor Users Group

MEUG Meeting Recap 

Yesterday, we had one of our biggest turnouts yet for the Midwest Epicor Users Group (MEUG) meeting in St. Louis. The MEUG consists of Epicor users in St. Louis and the surrounding areas. Periodically, they come together for meetings to share ERP tips, watch demos and presentations and learn how to maximize the value of their Epicor solutions. 

This time, we started things off a little differently. Our host Cambridge Engineering took us out of our familiar offices and onto the shop floor for one of their daily meetings. There, users witnessed how the HVAC manufacturer motivated their workforce and maintained lean and safe practices.  

Cambridge CFO Kevin Thompson then shared more about their modern company culture. The manufacturer dedicates 30 minutes each day to “lean and clean time,” which is a period when everyone ceases operations to find areas where they can make incremental improvements. Employees share these improvements in videos, which are played at the meetings. Getting an inside look at Cambridge’s practices reminded MEUG members that creating a strong company culture plays a critical role in elevating processes and making the most out of their software solutions.  

Paul Arthur, Datix’s VP of Solution Engineering, followed up with a demo of different features of Epicor ERP 10.2.400, the latest release from the vendor. First, he showed users the new design of the Manufacturing Execution System (MES). The most recent iteration of MES leverages Kinetic Design to create a simplified interface that allows users to customize screens and limits the number of fields.  

He also took us through the all new Epicor IoT module. By setting up an IoT device in the IoT Hub of Microsoft Azure, manufacturers and distributors can track their machine performance in real time in their ERP solution. These metrics provide a high-level view of production lines, empowering the shop floor to make preemptive decisions to avoid unplanned downtime and capitalize on new silos of revenue. 

Paul then guided MEUG members through the active homepage and Enterprise Search feature. Because of the updates in the user interface, he suggests that companies build training into their upgrade schedules. Users will need time to adjust to these updates, especially if they are navigating from Vista or Vantage to Epicor 10.2.400. The meeting ended with an open-ended discussion to address specific user questions. 

Every business wants to continuously improve, and learning about new ERP features and techniques is one of the most effective ways to grow and develop. Datix organizes MEUG meetings to help manufacturers and distributors come together to improve their Epicor usage. An Epicor Gold Partner, Datix has been a leading value-added reseller and consulting firm for over 20 years. Our certified consultants understand the importance of pursuing growth and learning on your ERP solution.  

Thanks to everyone who attended, and a special thanks to Cambridge Engineering for being such generous hosts. Our next meeting is scheduled for October 17th at Tacony Corporation. We’ll send out more details on our website and social media accounts when the date gets closer. 

We hope to see you again in October! Contact us today to learn more about the Midwest Epicor Users Group as well as our solutions and services.  


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