Manage Tax Complexities with Epicor Tax Connect


With more than 14,500 United States and Canadian tax jurisdictions, keeping track of the changing rules, rates and boundaries can be relentless. Collecting and remitting sales and use tax is government required. It doesn’t drive revenue so it is advantageous to reduce time spent in compliance activities. Keeping up with the tax changes can be a drag on your operational efficiency.

Epicor, an ERP software great for reducing complex manufacturing procedures, has a great feature called Tax Connect.

Epicor Tax Connect eliminates the tedious, complex work determining tax jurisdictions of ship-to addresses, maintaining tax code rates or dealing with commodity specific tax rules. Also, Tax Connect provides automatically generated sales tax returns for the United States and Canada. Tax Connect is offered as a SaaS, software as a service and we recommend getting in touch with us about activation and subscription fees.

Ease tax worries with a simple, affordable and accurate solution from Epicor!

Epicor Tax Connect is powered by Avalara® AvaTax®, the leading on-demand sales and use tax management solution.

Get an information kit from Epicor for more details.

Questions about Epicor ERP for your business? We are an Epicor consulting partner, contact us anytime.

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