It’s Time to Retire Epicor Enterprise, Vista and Vantage

Upgrade Enterprise Vista Vantage

Upgrade to Epicor ERP 10

It’s pretty common in the Datix office to receive calls concerning performance issues and critical errors in Epicor Enterprise, Vista and Vantage instances. Our solution to these problems is the same almost every time: An upgrade to Epicor ERP 10. Enterprise, Vista and Vantage might have worked well for these businesses for several years, but software has come a long way since the debuts of those systems.

Quite frankly, vendors don’t design their products to last forever. With technology advancing at such a rapid pace, this is simply impossible. Manufacturers and distributors who continue relying on older software can’t keep up with industry trends and customer expectations. Below, we explain why making the move to Epicor 10 now is the best move for your company.

Follow Best Practices

Vantage 8.03 was released in 2006. That might not sound like that long ago, but in the software world, it’s a relic, and we often find businesses trying to make use of Epicor systems that are far older. Users often avoid upgrades because of misconceptions of their difficulty and because they think new developments are just window dressing rather than substantial improvements. Businesses, blinded by these ERP myths, ignore the most critical reason for upgrading their solution: To avoid ERP failure.

As your system ages, it becomes prone to making critical mistakes and slowing down processes. That’s because legacy software such as Enterprise and Vista operate on infrastructures and programs that have become out of date. This puts a tremendous strain on your IT team as it constantly troubleshoots errors and make patches, thereby costing your enterprise massive amounts of time and money. For this reason, software best practices dictate that users upgrade software periodically.

Eventually, your system could shut down altogether, and Epicor won’t offer support. Recently, Epicor changed its customer support protocol to offer its highest level of support for businesses that have a version of Epicor ERP that has been released within the past two years. Though this sounds like a harsh policy, it’s standard for software vendors. This plan helps businesses better prepare for upgrades and enables Epicor to provide better service. But this change also makes it imperative for users to undergo upgrades. 

When you team up with an expert Epicor consulting firm, upgrades don’t have to be a major burden. Consultants will ensure you follow best practices and guide you throughout updates. Furthermore, under Epicor’s new customer support policy, consulting firms that have earned a high partner status gain faster responses from Epicor’s help line, enabling you to gain optimal service.

Enjoy Robust Features

In version 10 of its ERP software, Epicor made its architecture a 100% Microsoft Stack and removed the Progress layer. Additionally, its latest versions use REST API rather than SOAP. Have no idea what any of this means? The important thing to take away from these technical changes is that Epicor has simplified its architecture to amplify performance. Removing the Progress layer automatically makes the software more agile and responsive. REST has recently replaced SOAP as the optimal API service because of its greater flexibility, which speeds up processes and results in fewer errors.

With Epicor 10.2, the ERP vendor continues to improve its functionality. 10.2 enhances the user experience with the brand-new Epicor Home Page. The home page is embedded with Epicor Data Discovery (EDD), Epicor’s advanced BI tools which enable users to manage and extract insights from data. Using BAQ Metric tiles, users can easily personalize dashboards to show specific datasets in a visually appealing, meaningful interface.

But this isn’t all. Epicor Vantage and Vista users can take advantage of over 2000 new capabilities and 20 new modules when they make the move to Epicor ERP 10. The latest version unveiled even more tools, such as an AI virtual agent and IoT support. These configurable, scalable features enable users to become more productive and responsive than ever.

Wrap Up

Epicor’s continuous improvement of its products is a testament to its dedication to staying on top of digital innovation to support evolving manufacturing and distribution needs. However, organizations can only enjoy these advantages and strive to develop their business if they move on from Epicor Enterprise, Vista or Vantage.

We know this change can be scary. That’s why Datix’s expert consultants work with you at every stage of your ERP journey, from the initial implementation to integrations and upgrades. As an Epicor Gold Partner, we offer the best services and solutions. Our continuous improvement plans (CIP) are created to provide comprehensive support after the go-live date to enable your company’s growth. Unity, our premier integration solution, connects Epicor ERP with a variety of software systems to enhance functionality and transparency. Our developers also built Unity to support both SOAP and REST to meet each client’s unique integration needs.

Stop relying on legacy ERP. Take your business to the next level by contacting Datix to start your upgrade!


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