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5 Benefits of Integrating PandaDoc and CRM

One of the most common friction points sales teams find when it comes to reaching leads and closing deals is the collateral. Whether it’s a Statement of Work (SOW), proposal, contract or something else, company documents form a core pillar of how a sales team interacts with potential and current clients. That’s why your business needs to examine its content strategy carefully and check that there is an effective plan in place to streamline the collateral process.

There are many ways mishandled company collateral can affect your business—you’re spending too much time waiting for draft approval or signatures, or deals fall through due to a misspelled name or error in quoting. Mistakes or delays may not seem significant at the time, but they can add up quickly and result in the loss of clients, sales and revenue. Luckily, there’s a way to take the guesswork out of drafting and sending documents and ease the burden they can cause a sales team. The answer is a PandaDoc and CRM integration

PandaDoc, a document automation platform, can operate as a business’ single nexus for content. That includes drafting and delivering items like sales quotes and proposals, collecting analytics on those sales documents and then providing eSignatures all in the same application. Connecting those tools with the powerful data your CRM contains can provide a serious boost to your sales team. Here are the top five ways a PandaDoc and CRM integration can solve your content conundrum.

1. Autofill Contact Information

After your PandaDoc and CRM integration, you’ll be able to leverage all the features of the content management software from directly inside your CRM. That means any time you draft a proposal or SOW, you can create and attach that piece directly to a lead’s file in your CRM. That document will also already be populated with your lead’s contact information, order details and any other key data from your sales software. No more switching back and forth between apps and documents to check that you’ve got the right information and that it’s error free. In fact, the autofill feature can reduce your document creation time by up to 50%.

2. Calculate Crucial Figures Easily

PandaDoc has a built-in auto calculation feature that will do all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to figures like taxes, discounts, profit margins and much more. By referencing CRM lead information through integration, PandaDoc will know if a customer qualifies for special discounts or pricing depending on their order. You’ve probably accepted the arithmetic as a necessary task to get your documents completed. However, you’ve actually been spending time on a feature that can be automated for you after PandaDoc and CRM integration. Plus, there is a much smaller chance for errors when it comes to auto-calculation—and you’ll be able to enforce your pricing models much more rigidly.

3. Two-Way Transfer for Lead Tracking

One of PandaDoc’s most savvy features involves lead tracking directly inside your sales collateral. The platform gives you the ability to see exactly when each lead or client opens the document, reads and then signs it. By tracking lead activity on collateral through your CRM, you’ll know the best times to send follow-up emails or make a note that they’ve read a proposal several times and might be particularly interested. To stay even more in sync with your collateral life cycle, PandaDoc users can set up push notifications for when significant changes happen inside a document.

4. Expedite Deals with eSignatures

PandaDoc has built legally binding eSignatures straight into their platform. That means you can get your documents signed and squared away faster than ever. You’ll be able to label every signature line with the necessary client or lead name (filled from your CRM). There’s no need for you or your customers to download any extra software or apps to sign the document, and they’ll be able to sign off on any device. Imagine how much time your business can save by no longer waiting for scans and faxes.

5. Populate Collateral with Eye-Catching Features

One of the most persuasive reasons to undergo a PandaDoc and CRM integration is the many ways users can leverage the software to enrich the style of their collateral. Firstly, PandaDoc allows you to build eye-catching templates for all your necessary collateral. Those templates can then populate your CRM and any further documents your sales team creates. That way, you can rest easy knowing everything you send out has a consistent look.

What’s more, because your documents will be hosted online, you’ll be able to insert much more than just pictures or graphics. Instead, you can attach dynamic sales videos or product demos to your collateral that keeps clients’ eyes on your materials longer. Your competition will have a hard time keeping up with that.

Wrap Up

By integrating PandaDoc with your existing CRM software, like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365, your sales team can start shaving away at areas of waste that have become commonly accepted in many sales departments. Whether that’s sending drafts back and forth over email, calculating taxes or wondering whether a client has even received a document, a lot of time goes into your collateral. It’s high time you started refining the process.

Your business may not even know how much time you could save by taking on a content management system like PandaDoc and integrating it with a CRM platform. Several of your daily chores suddenly become just a few clicks. Once your business integrates PandaDoc with CRM, your sales team will have a powerful platform full of easily accessible, customizable and accurate collateral at their fingertips. They’ll be able to close deals faster than they ever thought possible.

If you’re interested in a PandaDoc implementation or integration, get in touch with Datix today! We are certified PandaDoc, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce CRM partners—that means we have the knowledge and experience to build your company the most efficient sales platform possible.


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