How to Choose the Right Integration

Integrations allow manufacturers to operate out of a single system, gain data visibility and take advantage of analytical tools to understand their organization. However, not all integrations are created equal. When choosing an integration, it can be hard to know what to look for and what makes one integration different from another. In this blog, we will review how to find an integration that will become a comprehensive solution for your business needs.

Gain What You Need Instead of Just What They Offer

It sounds straightforward, but the main objective of an integration should be to solve your business challenges and maximize your competitive advantage. Unfortunately, many manufacturers get so caught up in what different integrations offer that they forget about their own needs, or they think it’s impossible to fully meet them. With a value-adding system, you can get far more out of an integration than simply data unification (although this is a significant asset in its own right).

Unity: Integration by Datix is one example of a prebuilt application designed for manufacturers that allows customizations so that companies could get exactly what they need. For instance, one customer wanted increased data visibility and to close more deals. As a part of their integration, we set up their CRM to give them access to needed geographic data for targeting prospective clients, which lead to an immediate increase in sales. An integration has the potential to be a comprehensive solution for addressing your biggest challenges (boosting closed deals, decreasing production errors, improving output speed, etc.) if you find the right system and the right integration partner. At Datix, are committed to solving real problems for our clients as a one-stop shop. With 25 years’ experience, we have an intimate understanding of the major software applications manufacturers use, so we can offer you a nonbiased view of what software and what solution is right for you. Learn more about what Datix brings to our clients.

Rethink What Is Possible

When you recognize the possibilities an integration can bring, new strategies and systems immediately come into focus. A trusted consultant can help you work through these options to find the simplest and most effective solutions for maximizing your competitive advantage. New software functionality also means reimagining business processes that don’t make sense anymore. When you partner with Datix, we take a business-first approach to learning your company’s strengths, challenges and unique characteristics. By combining this knowledge of your business with our software expertise, we can streamline your processes so you can work at maximum efficiency. You may be concerned that an integration will lose its value as your needs evolve over time. Some integrations aren’t scalable, for instance, so growing companies are forced to implement new technology when they reach the next level. Unity was built to scale and has already processed over 350 million records, so you can trust that our system will expand with you. Discover other advantages to Unity.

Feel Confident in your Solution

An integration can have issues outside of its scalability. The software involved and the integration itself need to be continuously updated and monitored to avoid forced downtime. With Unity, your system is fully managed by the Unity Support Team. You can rest easy knowing that our team is overseeing your system throughout the day, executing all the behind-the-scenes work, seamlessly transferring the most up-to-date features to your system and reviewing firewall security. Having your system supervised by integration experts means that we can spot potential problems before they arise, saving you stress and added costs from avoidable mistakes like running into API limits. Hear more about what the Unity Support Team can do for you.

Wrap Up

The right integration is more than merely an application: it is a comprehensive solution for your business needs. With Unity, you can gain a single source of truth for your organization and a means of tackling your greatest obstacles.

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About Datix

With 25 years of software experience, the team at Datix knows what drive results for manufacturers. By taking our experience with different applications and combining it with an in-depth understanding of each client’s individual organization, we offer the best integration services on the market. When you partner with Datix, we become your long-term consultant to remove the hassles of software management and provide guidance as your business needs evolve with your growth. 

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