How Much Does ERP Cost?

how much does ERP cost

Our video below will help you answer the question, “how much does ERP cost?”. Additionally, we have added some text and a form below that can help you even further in determining ERP cost. We hope that this information helps you find the answers you’re looking for.

Doing research on ERP cost to determine if your business can afford a new implementation or reimplementation? What we find is that often business leaders truly do not know what is going on inside their business. This sentiment often leads to the decision to implement or re-implement an ERP. However, across the board ERP implementations experience poor success rates; resulting in high costs and poor adoption. No out-of-the-box solution is optimized for any particular business; each process is unique, so simply implementing an ERP isn’t really the complete answer. Rather than asking, “how do I implement?” , leaders should ask, “what is my project scope?” We help you answers those questions below.

We hope the video helps provide detailed knowledge of the questions you should be asking about ERP cost. Additionally it should also help provide some context as to why these things are important. These questions are often glossed over causing implementation to fail or ERP cost to soar.

We’ve listed the questions below for your convenience. We’ve also listed a form below. If you fill it out, one of our experts will walk you through those questions and help you understand exactly what an ERP that fits your business will cost. This should provide you with a comprehensive view of ERP cost.

  1. Company Size: 
    1. How large is your business?
    2. Do you have multiple locations?
    3. What’s your organizational structure like?
  1. Number of Users
    1. Who will use the system?
    2. What departments will need to be involved?
  1. Modules
    1. How complex are the modules?
    2. How do they fit within the business?
  2. Availability of In-House IT Resources
    1. Does your team possess the ability to implement an ERP system?
    2. How much time do they have to train and continuously improve in-place systems?
    3. How many customizations will you need for each division?
    4. Will every senior manager agree to fund in-house staff on maintaining new system for successful launch date and thereafter?
  3. Data Conversion
    1. Will you try to convert all of your historical data?
    2. What will be your strategy with Master Data?

We can describe ERP cost for your organization in an understandable way. No strings attached. Drop us a line.

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