Why CRM Gamification Could Aid Your Business

CRM gamification


What is CRM Gamification?

CRM Gamification is the process of making some part of your CRM system or implementation more fun, or game-like. Organizations use elements of gamification in many different ways, and often think outside of the box to find solutions that work for their company culture. The most common uses for gamification practices include; initial user adoption, influencing sales behaviors, and creating friendly competitions for key performance metrics.


Every business is different; however popular ideas that seem to be wielding success in the marketplace include…

  • Using levels to recognize accomplishment.
    • Sometimes it’s better to move away from one-on-one competition, and orientate objectives towards accomplishments instead. Not all employees value competition (even sales people), so making everything a competition can cause unwanted effects. However, using accomplish as a basis for ideas is something that is almost universally valued.
    • You could implement levels to recognize activities like: sales contacts per week, sales numbers, customer service issues, and training activities completed.
  • Badges for the win
    • This isn’t 4H or the Boy Scouts, but your organization may be able to utilize their age old strategy to encourage essential behaviors. Award digital titles and badges for key accomplishments.
    • Badges and titles could be earned for sales, certifications completed, training objectives, sales team accomplishments and more.
  • Avatars for greater engagement
    • A common gamification feature is the addition of virtual avatars for profiles. This can make the process of using a system or tool more fun. If you’re investing heavily in a new CRM, it may be a good idea to ensure your employees use it. Making it more fun is proven way to help.

What’s it look like

Here’s one example of what CRM gamification could look like.



You’re a snowflake

Every business is unique. CRM gamification might look different for every business. Certain types of initiatives – like competitions – work better in some organizations while not in others. It comes down to company culture and employee values. What type of environment does your company foster, and what do your employees inherently value? This things will help you decide what kind of CRM gamification will work best inside of your company.

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