How MES Helps Manufacturers Meet Production Goals

Manufacturing Execution System Benefits

Manufacturing Execution System Benefits 

With the increasing complexity of supply chains, a turbulent global marketplace and high customer expectations, manufacturers need all the help they can get to keep operations in order. Expanding your ERP software functionality with a manufacturing execution system (MES) gives you widespread enterprise visibility in a single solution, so you can address issues and make improvements efficiently.  

Adding an MES module to your ERP system can help you meet your highest manufacturing priorities. A recent Gartner study found that the top production goals of 61% of companies are quality, traceability and asset performance. Below, we explain how MES delivers the real-time insights necessary to meet each of these goals.  


Manual quality inspection is a time-consuming process that exposes your business to risk. Let’s say an inaccurate inspection report is submitted. This could result in approving materials or shipments with a critical quality issue, jeopardizing your company’s reputation and customer relationships. Your business can’t afford to rely on faulty quality assurance protocols.  

This is where MES comes in. Epicor ERP provides an Advanced MES (Mattec) module that can add greater visibility into your quality management processes. It automates many facets of quality assurance, including part qualification and rejects. It also provides automatic Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Statistical Quality Control (SQC), which help maintenance managers and shop floor supervisors optimize maintenance and service schedules. With real-time insights at your fingertips, you can identify quality losses and develop strategies to ensure you’re churning out top-notch products.  


Strict requirements are making it difficult to stay compliant. That’s especially true for manufacturers that still rely on manual data collection. Manual entries prohibit businesses from gaining a real-time view of operations, equipment and materials. They also require a large time commitment and increase the risk of human error. Fortunately, MES provides automatic, real-time insights to keep manufacturers on top of everything happening on the shop floor.  

Epicor’s Advanced MES module traces processes and machinery from beginning to end of your production cycle. Automatic alerts, notifications and escalations will ensure the right people have the right information at all times to immediately address issues. User-friendly dashboards display real-time data, providing a clear picture of downtime, cycle time, scrap and more. Easily drill into reports to pinpoint the exact cause of manufacturing problems. Even if you experience a large increase in production, your MES will be able to track materials, tools, work centers and personnel 24/7. This level of visibility has allowed 76% of MES users to improve traceability and compliance within one year.  

Asset Performance 

Production can’t run smoothly without reliable equipment. It’s important to always know how your assets are performing, so you can schedule maintenance, avoid breakdowns and ensure optimal productivity. MES measures machine and plant performance in real time, providing shop warnings, OEE metrics and transaction tracking. Manufacturers can also identify scrap, process variations and other areas of concern. From this data, they can schedule preventative maintenance and perform other tasks to appropriately manage assets. 

Innovations are helping companies develop even smarter approaches to enhance their asset performance. Epicor 10.2.400 introduced Internet of Things (IoT) technology that can visually track equipment. From the MES shop floor interface, manufacturers can view real-time production data for each machine. This will automatically alert users of equipment status and health, so they can avoid potential issues. Epicor’s user-friendly IoT system makes it easier than ever to monitor your shop floor and avoid unplanned downtime.   

Wrap Up  

MES equips manufacturers with the visibility and automation necessary to execute production goals. Epicor’s Advanced MES module makes it easy to gain in-depth insights throughout the shop floor. The solution can be added on to your existing ERP system within one to three weeks, and you can expect to see ROI and considerable improvements within a year.  

Let Datix help you extend your Epicor solution with Advanced MES. We’re an Epicor Gold Partner with extensive experience in discrete manufacturing and distribution industries. Our certified consultants will work with you from start to finish to maximize the value of your software investment and optimize your shop floor. 

Start elevating your production performance. Learn more about Epicor ERP and Advanced MES by getting in touch with one of our experts today!  


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