How ERP Improves Decision-Making

Throughout every part of your organization, decisions have to be made constantly. Large and small, these decisions impact the success of your business, but it isn’t always clear what option to choose. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) clarifies what direction to take by offering complete data visibility. Here are a few of the biggest decisions you can make confidently with the support of an ERP.

Pricing and Quoting

Pricing products and offering quotes are some of the most important decisions an organization makes. Price too low and you eat into profit margins; price to high and customers will be turned off. Fortunately, an ERP removes the confusion from offering prices and quotes. When you want to price a product, you can look to a wealth of historical data, and review cost-based estimates using the latest raw materials and labor cost numbers. An ERP can also offer customer-specific templates and automate the quoting process to eliminate human error. Instead of pricing and quoting blindly, set up your system to make the process easy. If you are unsure how to maximize your ERP for pricing, talk to the team at Datix. As ERP and consultants who have implemented thousands of software solutions, we support our clients every step of the way through their ERP journey. From planning to the implementation and beyond, our team will do whatever it takes to bring your business to the next level.

Launching New Products

When it comes to launching a new product, manufacturers must make a near endless number of decisions. What price point are you targeting? When should the product be launched? How many should be initially produced? All of these questions, and countless others, can be answered with the right ERP. As you are looking for what product to produce next and what price point it should belong to, you can look to your historical sales information to see what other items sold well and the price point that is most cost effective. To determine when to produce a new item and decide how many to make, you can use your ERP to forecast the most profitable launch plan. Forecasting allows you to use statistical analysis to factor in general product life cycle data as well as product-specific factors, seasonal demand patterns or market trends, market volatility, and qualitative demand insights (read more about forecasting with an ERP). A skilled ERP consultant can help you set up forecasting and other product launch resources within your system. At Datix, our team brings a 25-year history to offering comprehensive ERP solutions. As a one-stop shop, we can support you in setting up your ERP with the exact specifications you need, whether that’s forecasting, business intelligence, disaster recovery or an integration. Find out what Datix can do for you.

Job Scheduling

Job scheduling is a frequently overlooked part of production that has a huge impact on efficiency and the ability to meet deadlines. Maximizing job, work and labor scheduling is about far more than simply having employees complete jobs based on their deadline date. Industry leaders analyze their ERP to see the big picture when it comes to their production schedule to coordinate completing tasks that require the same equipment and to hire or train employees to avoid unnecessary downtime. You should never be losing time because a task is assigned and your employees say, “No one here knows how to do that.” At Datix, we have seen how much an ERP can pay off when it comes to scheduling. Before working with Datix, one of our clients had a weekly leadership meeting which lasted hours, where the company would struggle to organize their job schedule using spreadsheets. After we implemented an ERP, job scheduling became simple, and the company saw an immediate increase in production and a boost in morale. Scheduling doesn’t need to be a burden that feels impossible to get right. Our consultants focus on understanding your competitive advantage and exact business processes so we can offer you the best solution possible to grow your business. Discover how working with Datix could transform your organization.

Wrap Up

Instead of feeling uncertain, make informed decisions with confidence using an ERP. Our experts make the process of implementing or upgrading an ERP easy, allowing you to focus on what you do best: providing quality goods and services to your clients.

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