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Come Back to Work with Epicor ERP 

Now that it’s the day after Christmas, I’m sure you’re back at work rejuvenated and ready to get to work, right? Of course not! Most of us return from the holidays stuffed with food and exhausted from spending so much time with friends and family. As robust as Epicor ERP is, it’s not a cure for over-eating and family drama. However, it does include the functionality and mobility that will make work, and coming back to work, a lot easier. Here’s how. 

Prioritize Tasks

Immediately diving into complicated projects after your time off is probably not the best strategy. Give yourself some time to get settled back into your routine by beginning with some smaller, low-stake tasks. The functional user interface and scheduling features of Epicor ERP 10 provide optimal organization to help you prioritize on your first day back after the holidays. Users can configure their dashboards to display the most important features and data for their job right on one platform. This flexibility means that workers won’t need to waste hours growing frustrated as they navigate unnecessary information in search of the data they need. On top of that, version 10.2 of Epicor modernized the dashboard design to further improve the user experience.

Further increasing functionality, Epicor also includes scheduling features that can be manipulated on the fly with drag-and-drop features. It’s never been easier to adjust schedules and gain a comprehensive view of timelines. Epicor designed their forecasting and scheduling tools to support manufacturers and distributors with day-to-day and long-term decision making, no matter what business strategies they use. With an advanced interface and a wide range of scheduling functions, Epicor ERP enables users to prioritize tasks and easily access crucial information for optimal performance.

Look to the Future

As hard as it may be at first, you have to forget about your exciting new presents and the fun you had over the break and concentrate on work. Figuring out your next move and setting new goals to drive business will help you regain the excitement you need to charge forward into the new year. The key to determining the next move that will boost profits is predictive analytics.

When it comes to determining the best practices for moving your business forward, enterprise software is more advanced than ever at seeing into your company’s future. Epicor ERP’s predictive analytics tools leverage your historical data to predict how well products will sell and what current customers will want to purchase in the future. A 360-degree view of past and present transactions, production levels and revenue flow provides optimal insight to plan for the future growth of your business. With predictive analytics, users can eagerly and strategically create benchmarks to further their company’s success.

Step Out of the Office

Some people need to stay glued to their desks in order to stay focused and get back to work. For other people, sitting in the office all day leads to falling asleep at the desk and receiving a firm scolding from the boss. Not the best way to return to work. If you’re in the latter category, give yourself a break from the workplace, but not from work. Take your laptop, tablet or cellphone to a coffee shop, restaurant or home for a couple hours, and return to the office alert and productive.

By hosting your ERP software in the cloud, you can empower users to access crucial job functions and data on their mobile devices. Performing job tasks on a phone or tablet is often cumbersome. Many processes aren’t built with mobility and user experience in mind, meaning that information loads slowly and is difficult to view or modify. Epicor is ahead of the game, creating a variety of features that work just as well on mobile devices as desktops. Whether it’s reporting, managing expenses or accessing client data, it can all be done on the go. Mobile ERP not only increases productivity but also gives users more freedom to work when and where they are most comfortable.

Wrap Up

Let’s face it: Coming back to work after a week or even a long weekend of celebration is never easy. But returning to an unwieldy software system or disorganized data and documents makes resuming work even more challenging. Epicor ERP eradicates these challenges to create a streamlined, functional system. Datix, an Epicor Gold Partner, has the expertise to implement your ERP instance for optimal performance.

To get even more from your software, Datix built Unity. Unity is our flagship integration solution that connects several software platforms into a single source of truth. An integrated system centralizes data to improve efficiency and transparency for smooth business processes that boost revenue.

Contact Datix today to learn how you can get back to work with top-notch enterprise software!


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