How EBizCharge Can Improve Customer Experience

HowEBizChargeCanImproveCustomerExperienceEpicor® Integration with EBizCharge

It isn’t a surprise that the success of a company is largely dependent on its customer experience. 84% of consumers consider their experience with a company to be just as important as the product or service the company offers. Today’s business environment is extremely competitive and simplifying your customer’s payment options will help you stand out from your competition.

Epicor® Integration with EBizCharge by Century Business Solutions allows you to offer your customers easy payment options, simplifying their experience and creating customer retention.

Easy Payment Options for Your Customers

EBizCharge makes it easy for your customers to pay on your company’s branded payment portal. Customers can log in to the portal at their convenience and view all their open invoices. They are then able to make a full or partial payment depending on your company’s preferences. Additionally, for one-time payments, you can email customers a secure payment link that they can pay off in seconds. The email payment doesn’t require any login information, which makes for a quick and easy customer experience.

Further, once the payment is made, your system will automatically process the payment and update the customer’s balance accordingly, eliminating entry error. Following a customer’s payment from an existing account, an automatic receipt will be emailed to his or her inbox. These features add a layer of ease to your customer service team while creating an excellent experience for your customer.

Protect Your Customers’ Data

Data security and proper management of personal data are exceedingly important concerns for businesses. It is important, now more than ever, to keep your customers’ information secure. EBizCharge is a PCI-compliant system that protects the buyer’s financial data with a company branded customer portal. This portal is equipped with enhanced security so your customers can feel completely safe. Your customers’ feelings of safety and comfort add another level of satisfaction, resulting in a more positive customer experience.

Wrap Up

With Epicor® Integration through EBizCharge, you can create an uncomplicated, pleasant experience for your customers. Using this system to create the best possible customer experience will likely improve customer retention, thus resulting in ROI.

Datix is an EBizCharge partner, and as a leading consultant in ERP integration; we are confident that we can help you transform your business through software. Contact Datix for a detailed consultation!


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