How Does ERP Boost Enterprise Efficiency?

Epicor ERP Efficiency

Epicor ERP for Higher Efficiency 

When manufacturers and distributors seek out an ERP solution, one goal outweighs all the rest: Increased efficiency. A recent study found that increasing IT and business efficiency was the primary objective of digital transformation efforts. However, plenty of businesses are unconvinced that the time and resources required to execute the software project will yield the desired improvements.  

We’re here to prove the skeptics wrong. ERP streamlines processes and enhances visibility to optimize enterprise productivity. A Forrester study found that Epicor ERP, one of the leading ERP solutions, generated 264% ROI and over $3.4 million in enterprise efficiency savings to the composite manufacturing organization. Check out the ERP capabilities that enable businesses to boost efficiency.  

Process Automation 

Manufacturers and distributors are often placing too much of their time and energy into the wrong tasks. Instead of capitalizing on opportunities for growth or optimizing products and services to meet customer demands, most of your workforce is wasting time on manual activities, searching for information or putting out fires. As operations become increasingly complex, employees are delegating even more hours to repetitive tasks and fixing issues. This chaos isn’t a sustainable way to achieve business growth.  

With ERP, you can win back some of this time, thanks to process automation. The software brings together multiple modules to cover comprehensive enterprise operations and create a central data hub. That makes information automatically available to every authorized user without manually entering data across several applications. This helps you decrease human error and drastically cuts down on the time it takes to enter and find crucial insights.  

Additionally, ERP can instantly trigger the next stage of a process.  For example, one Epicor customer reduced production lead time from two months to a day because of their solution’s product configurator. The Epicor product configurator automatically generates BOMs, routings, prices and part numbers to maintain accuracy and speed up operations. ERP simplifies several manufacturing processes, so you can efficiently deliver products that meet your customers’ detailed specifications.  

Real-Time Insights 

Manufacturers and distributors who record information across spreadsheets and multiple platforms waste an inordinate amount of time locating data. These businesses have a hard enough time finding basic information, such as an order number or price. Drilling down into detailed reports and tracking real-time performance—that’s inconceivable. Storing data across various silos impedes businesses from obtaining a full view of their performance and addressing issues. By the time an employee discovers a problem, it might be too late to eradicate the issue and prevent downtime.  

ERP harbors information in one spot, providing real-time insights to help businesses avoid costly roadblocks. You can instantly access inventory levels once an order is made. You can learn about a defect before it impacts your entire production line. You can evaluate whether you have the materials necessary to fulfill demand. With real-time information always on hand, you can mitigate risk and keep operations running smoothly.  

These insights also promote continuous improvement. Data is consistent and up-to-date across your solution to promote effective collaboration and decision making. Analytics and reports provide a complete view of your enterprise performance, allowing you to detect areas of inefficiency and their root causes. Epicor ERP documents your workflow to show you what’s slowing down daily operations. From this information, your business can work together to enhance productivity and optimize plant utilization.  

Innovative Solutions 

ERP vendors are pushing the boundaries of efficiency by developing innovative features. These cutting-edge tools aren’t just pointless add-ons capitalizing on the buzz surrounding the latest trends. They’re truly changing the fabric of our manufacturing and distribution plants, delivering unprecedented visibility and efficiency to help businesses better serve their customers.  

Case in point: Artificial intelligence. Software vendors are leveraging AI capabilities to transform how we engage with our enterprise data. For example, Epicor recently debuted its Epicor Virtual Assistant, or EVA. This AI feature appears on screen to answer user questions. EVA displays data in a visual format and leverages a range of information to make predictions, spot problems and even automatically adjust production levels in line with consumer demand. EVA creates an intuitive user experience that accelerates operations and delivers timely insights. 

Epicor ERP also promotes greater efficiency by leveraging the Internet of Things. Epicor IoT captures data from your machines in real time, giving you a snapshot of your equipment performance. On one screen, you can look at the status of your equipment and critical metrics. The system will alert you of potential issues, so you can schedule preemptive maintenance before a problem halts production. New ERP technology is making manufacturers and distributors more proactive to avoid costly inefficiencies.  

Wrap Up  

In business, time is money. With ERP cutting the time it takes to execute tasks and make decisions, your company will see incredible returns on your investment. For over 45 years, Epicor has designed solutions to address manufacturing and distribution challenges and maximize productivity. Epicor ERP uses sophisticated technology to automate processes and generate insights, so you can enjoy higher efficiency.  

An Epicor Gold PartnerDatix is committed to helping manufacturers and distributors optimize their efficiency. We offer a full array of solutions and services aligned with your unique business needs. Our certified consultants will work with you from start to finish to ensure you are using your ERP software to its fullest potential.  

Stop wasting time on rote tasks and damage control. Contact Datix today to learn more about Epicor ERP!  


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