Go for Gold: Implement Epicor ERP

Gold Implement Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP Takes Manufacturers to the Top

Soon, all eyes will be on the athletes in PyeongChang as they go for gold at the Winter Olympics. But for manufacturers, every day is the Olympics as they are constantly striving to surpass the competition and strike gold. Just as athletes need the best sporting gear to take home medals, businesses need the top ERP software to dominate their industries. That’s where Epicor comes in. Epicor ERP’s agile architecture provides the efficiency and robust features that enable manufacturers and distributors to rake in revenue around the world. Let’s explore the winning functionality of Epicor that gives manufacturers a competitive edge.

Perform at Top Speed

Manufacturers are constantly racing against each other to win more clients and offer cutting-edge products. Your employees can’t afford to waste time, but Datix has frequently come across companies with ill-fitted or outdated software that takes hours to perform basic tasks. Even worse, some businesses have no ERP solution at all, requiring employees to spend time away from performing value-added activities to manually enter data.

By automating workflow and instantly updating data, Epicor ERP ensures data integrity while also speeding up tasks. Epicor automates everything: data collection, sourcing, material replenishment, scheduling, software updates and much, much more. Automation empowers ERP users to make smarter, faster decisions that drive revenue.

Take Advantage of Agile Equipment

Figure skaters can’t land triple axels wearing skates that are too tight. Similarly, manufacturers can’t perform at their best using rigid ERP software. Software rarely includes all the functions businesses need right out of the box, meaning that each separate instance requires modifications to improve specific processes. Plus, as companies grow, their ERP should also change to support new administrative tasks and demands.

By using services oriented architecture (SOA), Epicor empowers businesses to configure their instances and integrate with other software platforms. This means manufacturers can match their software to their processes, not the other way around. Any modifications are non-invasive, meaning they don’t touch your codebase and compromise the entire system. On top of that, Epicor’s intuitive interface allows users to take advantage of multiple capabilities and displays to create a dashboard that complies with their individual tasks. Epicor also supports an array of deployment options. Whether manufacturers are hosting ERP on the cloud or on premises, they can enjoy all the features they need for success.

Become a Global Powerhouse

In an increasingly global marketplace, a growing number of manufacturers are expanding operations and business overseas. With this growth comes exciting opportunities but also some new challenges that require a robust ERP system. Epicor offers a number of features that support international expansion. To help manufacturers manage their supply chain even when segments of it are outsourced, Epicor provides full visibility of every step of the production process. In addition, Epicor supports global multi-plant management by enabling manufacturers to consolidate information and sync operations across companies, servers, databases and countries. With Epicor’s Country Specific Functionality (CSF), businesses can comply with accounting and reporting standards both at the local and global levels. Manufacturers of any size can take on global competition using Epicor ERP.

Wrap Up

Every manufacturer wants to increase profits by creating quality products. To succeed in this goal, manufacturers must differentiate themselves from their competitors by taking advantage of Epicor’s top ERP tools. Epicor’s automated features, functional architecture and global management capabilities put manufacturers ahead of the competition. But successfully implementing and using ERP requires teaming up with experienced consultants, such as Datix. In the world of ERP, the top prize is platinum, not gold. This past year, Datix took home the Epicor Platinum Partner plaque, meaning we’re among the best in providing premium ERP solutions.

Contact us today to find out why Epicor and Datix are the gold standard in ERP projects!


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