Give Sales Buying Behavior and Trend Data with an ERP-CRM Integration


Sales succeeds when they understand buying behaviors and trends for their existing customers and their industry. However, the pandemic caused such a significant global shift in consumer and business behavior that many organizations are struggling to understand what will come next for their industries. Manufacturers with a disconnected ERP and CRM are at an added disadvantage because they can only analyze half of their data at a time. An ERP-CRM integration like Unity: Integration by Datix gives Sales the tools and functionality they need to discern buying behavior and trends for their clients and their industries.

Data at Your Fingertips for Existing Customers

Most Sales teams are used to working within a CRM as a way to keep track of interactions with clients, manage leads and hold contact information. For existing clients, a traditional CRM lacks current account and order data (unless you make your staff constantly manually input this information). With an ERP-CRM integration, Sales can stay within their familiar CRM format while having access to the latest ERP account information. During conversations with clients, Sales can quickly see how they are doing, what they are spending their time on and the progress of their orders. This helps build trust with your customers and allows you to see if they need to plan out future orders or if they would benefit from other products or services you offer. For an integration to be successful, it must be intuitive and easy for your Sales team to find ERP data within the CRM interface. With Unity, Datix’s prebuilt and highly customizable enterprise application, our team of experts will make sure that your integration is designed so that data is right at your teams’ fingertips.

Target the Right Potential Clients

With an ERP-CRM integration, your Sales team can map out a winning targeted approach to gaining new clients. Your team can see what areas each of your members excel in or need to work on, as well as the sub industries that offer the most traction for your business. For instance, if you have a Sales associate who consistently does well with gaining new business from orthopedics, then that person can focus their energy on that sub sector. If one Sales team member has not been able to upsell to any of their accounts, then this could be an area for growth if they are given additional training. When new functionalities are added to your ERP or CRM system, Sales benefits from adjusting its strategy to take advantage of these new resources, but it can be hard to know how to apply these changes to your business practices. An integration consultant like Datix can offer advice on how to adjust your approach based on new features to your software. Because Unity is fully scalable, Unity will continue to work with your software no matter what new functionalities are added.


Forecasting is a way to predict demand for your business and these predictions can be used to show you a larger picture of buying behaviors and trends in your industry. This knowledge of industry trends is valuable when gaining the respect of potential clients during introductory conversations. The need to prove yourself during these conversations is high, as 82% of B2B decision-makers think that sales reps are unprepared during cold calls (Biznology). Understanding how to apply traditional forecasting data and discern larger buying behavior from it can be challenging, depending on how your ERP and integration are set up. Because Datix is a one-stop-shop full of software experts in a variety of different ERP, CRM and other software used by manufacturers, we can help you set up your forecasting functionality to both predict demand for your business and help Sales see larger buying behaviors in your industry.

Wrap Up

For Sales to be successful, they need to have data to increase business, close deals and demonstrate their level of expertise with customers. An ERP-CRM integration combines the best of both systems so that your Sales team has the buying behavior and trend information they need to be successful. As the most affordable prebuilt integration software on the market, Unity is rapidly deployable, easy to use, and has a proven track record for transforming businesses. A survey of Unity clients with SMBs indicated that Unity saved their organizations, on average, almost 50 phone calls, 500 emails, and approximately 50 hours of work every month!

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