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Epicor HCM

Epicor Human Capital Management

A popular misconception is that enterprise software makes workers increasingly irrelevant by automating tasks. If the software system is updating, syncing and organizing data on its own, what’s the workforce left to do? Rather than render jobs unnecessary, ERP drives employees to work smarter and produce timely results. Software isn’t meant to replace people as the heart of your company. The success of every business depends on the people using the software—the software is just meant to get the most out of each user.

The most convincing evidence of ERP’s role in bolstering rather than replacing workers is Epicor’s human capital management (HCM) module. The HR department deals with everything involving the people in your company. Epicor, understanding just how important employees are to a business, offers features in its HCM suite to leverage data and automation to ensure that workers form a strong core of your business. Read on to find out how your HR department, with the help of Epicor ERP’s HCM module, can help companies get the most from their workforce.

Employee Engagement

Employees perform at their best when they receive easy access to information and personalized communication. At all times, the human resources department should prioritize open communication throughout the organization. To achieve successful communication, HR must understand the individual interests and personalities of each employee. Some employees, for example, work better through constant check-ins and one-on-one discussions while other employees prefer the occasional email. Learning differences between employees enables more effective feedback to motivate the workforce.

Epicor HCM assists HR with communication by including an employee home page. Similar to a LinkedIn profile, this home page makes accomplishments visible throughout the business and shares important information to employees, such as notices about training and evaluations. These tools keep users informed and encouraged to work at their best.

Track Employee Data

In our data-driven marketplace, it’s crucial for businesses to be able to track employee data in accordance with company needs. Epicor HCM automates HR processes, providing comprehensive tools to analyze employee data from application to retirement. The ERP module empowers HR departments with configurable fields and personalized views so HCM functions align with specific business processes.

Epicor also supports international HR needs with location-specific home pages and the capability to operate on any browser and device across the globe. HR personnel can manage all facets of the workforce, such as keeping track of compensation, drilling into salary statistics, handling multiple absence plans and using sophisticated timesheets for improved cost management. Every aspect of your workforce will be accounted for with Epicor’s robust HCM features.

Empower Employees

In 2017, Epicor revamped its HCM user interface to boost employee engagement. With Employee Connect, Epicor’s employee self-service module, employees throughout the organization can easily access information, empowering employees to view and maintain data at any time and expediting HR processes. Epicor includes built-in features that allow HR to add customized content to the home page without help from the IT department.

All the information that employees need, from benefits to training, are right there in the self-service modules. This gives employees more control and straightforward data, motivating them to improve their productivity. On top of that, human resources can dedicate more time to recruitment and other crucial processes without the onslaught of emails from employees regarding their time off or benefits. Ultimately, Epicor HCM provides winning solutions for everyone in your enterprise.

Wrap Up

I know what you’re thinking: how could we write a whole piece about HR and HCM without addressing hiring and recruiting functions? Don’t worry, we’ll have an upcoming piece all about using Epicor HCM to recruit a talented team. However, for our first piece on HCM, we wanted to focus on the equally important functions Epicor provides for boosting the morale and productivity of your current employees. Employee engagement, education and empowerment are often sidelined. We get it; in a competitive global marketplace, it’s important to find new blood to expand your enterprise and foster innovation. That being said, encouraging workers not only to remain in your company but also to help your business thrive is just as crucial, and the HR department and HCM module play a huge role in maintaining a committed workforce.

Datix, an Epicor Platinum Partner, has the best ERP consultants to implement Epicor ERP with all the HCM features that will streamline HR processes and empower employees. Contact us today, and learn how we can implement ERP for a smarter, more efficient team.


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