4 Tips for Wholesale or Distribution Ecommerce Strategy

4 Tips for Wholesale or Distribution Ecommerce Strategy

It is often a huge challenge for a wholesaler or distributor to launch a successful ecommerce presence. We have been working with Znode Multifront® for better vendor management and distributed agent ecommerce.  These businesses are often in a tricky position as they do not want to be seen as direct competition for their vendors.

Develop an Ecommerce Strategy

If you don’t have a working strategy yet, it is possible to develop a personalized, working model tailored for your business. Distributed Agent Ecommerce strategy is a technique designed to give you control and consistency. Znode’s distributed agent ecommerce strategy gives your agents the ability to transact online with their customers. You will essentially be managing the agents’ sites as an admin function. You will have the ability to control pricing, product, catalogs and branding also.

Increase Channel Sales  Agents have the ability to launch a branded online site with relevant content for their specific audience and location. Improve sales by allowing them the flexibility to assign promotions and personalized site features to align with customer preference.

Maintain Brand and Site Consistency  By having all sites on a single platform all the brand messaging and images will be the consistent. Znode allows you to easily build and manage hundreds of branded storefronts using a single shared database.

Create Relevant Promotional Opportunities  Agents will be able to control the order fulfillment process in additional to mark-ups and targeted promotions based on customer data in their region. Because of the flexible architecture, every aspect of the online shopping experience is customizable.

Improved Communication and Data Sharing  Sharing between you and your agents is fundamental to moving your business forward. You can send data to specific agents too allowing them to make better decisions about promotions in their specific market for example.

Better integrate your ERP with your ecommerce practices.

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