Executing an Integration for the First Time

An integration has the potential to unite organizations under a single source of truth and simplify business processes. However, the wrong integration will cost time, money and frustrate teams by making key functionalities unnecessarily complicated. When it comes to executing an integration for the first time, it is important to follow a few key steps to ensure that your new system is a success. In this blog, we will cover what manufacturers must do to take their organization to the next level with an integration.

Work with an integration partner you can trust

When starting an integration for the first time, you may feel pressured to do it alone. It can be hard to find a software partner that will have your best interests in mind. However, manufacturers who begin an integration alone often drag out the process through indecision and many still end up with an integration that doesn’t solve their main challenges.

An integration expert will keep the process focused and knows what functionalities are necessary to support specific objectives. At Datix, we developed our own pre-built integration, Unity, specifically to meet the needs of manufacturers looking to unite their business. With 25 years providing software solutions to manufacturers, our team takes the time to fully understand how our clients operate so we can tailor the integration to their needs.

As a fully managed integration, the Unity Support Team takes care of all the daily monitoring and updating involved in an integration for you. You can talk directly to our Support Team by phone or email at no extra charge. In fact, 100% of clients said our team cares about their account and their success with Unity when surveyed! Learn more about working with the Unity Support Team.

Have a Plan

By working with an integration partner, you can develop a clear outline of your objectives for the integration and how you will launch the integration for the first time. Most manufacturers look to an integration because they want a single source of truth for their organization and to become more efficient by simplifying their business processes. Removing duplicate data entry and department silos are also added benefits.

Unity allows you to operate out of one system, so that everyone knows where to find the data they need. Operating out of one system means less data entry and more visibility throughout your organization. If you want to simplify your business processes quickly with an integration, look to Unity. Unity is a pre-built integration that allows customizations as needed. Basic mappings between your systems can be completed in as little as one day and fully integrated systems can be completed in as little as three weeks. Operate out of one system with Unity.

Find a Reliable, Scalable Solution

Choosing an integration means choosing a solution that will work for you now, and as your business grows. Some integrations seem good at first but run into operating and scalability issues as you put greater demands on the software. Nothing is worse than to have your company moving in the right direction, only to be forced to a halt because of subpar software. A quality integration is designed to scale and will use batch record processing to make scalability easier. An integration should also be tested extensively during its development to ensure that it can handle large data transfers when you need them. We made sure that Unity could handle whatever our clients required, as our system has already successfully processed over 350 million records. If you want an integration that you can rely on as you expand, look to Unity.

Wrap Up

Setting up an integration for the first time can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. By working with a trusted partner like Datix, you can be confident that you will gain an integration suited for your business to achieve your goals.

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About Datix

With 25 years of software experience, the team at Datix knows what drive results for manufacturers. By taking our experience and combining it with an in-depth understanding of each client’s individual organization, we offer the best integration services on the market. When you partner with Datix, we become your long-term consultant to remove the hassles of software management and provide guidance as your business needs evolve with your growth. 

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