ERP Testing is Critical for Software Success!

ERPTestingisCriticalforSoftwareSuccessWhat is ERP Testing and Why Does it Matter?

ERP software implementations are long, expensive, exhausting, and worth it–if executed correctly! Projects fly off the handles fairly regularly during implementation, often because manufacturers and distributors skip important steps as they are enthusiastic to get their enterprise software up and running; however, cutting corners can lead to implementation failure. One of these critical steps is ERP testing!

ERP testing verifies the functionality of your software and ensures each critical milestone is a success. Plus, testing prevents go-live surprises like bugs and crashes. There are many types of ERP systems, but each needs testing before the software goes live.

System testing does require resources–time and money–but many more time commitments and expenses will be suffered if technical issues arise that were left unchecked. Outlined below are several reasons testing is critical to implementation project success.

Ensure Technical Components are Working Properly

One reason that businesses should test their software seems pretty obvious: to make sure all the technical aspects of your ERP system are working properly. This allows you to see that each feature of your ERP is working as you expect, so when you are live, you know the functionality will streamline your processes.

The following tests give you the ability to make sure your technical aspects are working and there are no issues:

  • Security testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Recovery testing
  • Localization testing

Resolve Bugs

Software bugs don’t mean the system was ill-designed. The software must be configured during implementation, and these configurations may lead to bugs and system errors. A system that is live and consists of bugs and issues will hardly encourage your employees to use the software and will make for a complicated transition. By testing the software, you can find the bugs and isolate them.

Additionally, testing allows you and your team to identify, isolate, and eliminate all software issues. And by running follow up tests, your team can know for certain that the problem is eradicated and will not exist once the software is live.

Ensure Compliance

Manufacturers must adhere to complex industry regulations. In this way, software testing and documentation confirm the system is operating as it should. Malfunctioning software could potentially be disastrous for a supply chain.

Robust testing empowers manufacturers to ensure compliance in all aspects of their system. It also provides concrete data and documentation about the supply chain and adherence to all industry regulations.

Keep Your Project on Track

ERP implementation is disruptive and rarely comes without difficulties or pitfalls, so it’s extremely common for implementations to veer off track. Yet, by utilizing software testing, you can help avoid the detriment of projects that get off track or even fail.

By planning for system check-ins and tests that the software is running as you expect, you can keep the project moving forward. Plus, if your team does find errors with the software during the tests, you can fix them immediately, saving time down the road and helping you achieve go-live success on time.

Wrap Up

While it may seem like a hassle, software testing is critical to your software success. But if you are overwhelmed by the prospect of conducting software tests, Datix can help. We are ERP experts as we are an Infor partner and have a comprehensive understanding of Epicor® ERP. We have conducted countless software tests and are dedicated to providing you with the peace of mind that mitigated risks and software testing brings to your business.

Datix is a one stop shop, meaning we implement and integrate not only ERP software but also CRM software, eCommerce software, and much more! We know the complex manufacturing and distribution industries well, and we are dedicated to matching all software implementations with our clients’ business processes. Not to mention, Datix consultants will be with you during your implementation, for your testing, and even after your go-live date!

Don’t fall victim to implementation failure; let Datix help! Contact us today.


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