Epicor’s® Cloud-Based ERP Software Facilitates Company Growth

EpicorsCloudBasedERPSoftwareFacilitatesCompanyGrowthThe Benefits of Cloud-Based ERP

Every company has an aspiration to grow. Although growing your company can be exciting and fruitful, it can also be challenging.

One way you can help your company grow and improve your ability to work remotely is by implementing Epicor’s® software as a service (SaaS) in the cloud. The software allows you to focus on your company’s core growth initiatives, gives you a faster Time to Value, and grants you consistent access to data from any device. 

Keeping Your Business Connected 

By connecting to the Epicor® ERP cloud system, you can easily integrate your entire value chain into one system. This allows you to eliminate the need to hop from application-to-application and gives you the freedom to access your system anytime from anywhere. 

Further, the cloud system is accessible wherever your employees find themselves working and gives everyone secure access to the system with up-to-the-minute information. Through the cloud ERP system, your employees can collaborate quickly and easily, allowing them to make decisions more confidently, thus improving efficiency and promoting growth through your organization.

Giving You What Works Best for Your Unique Business 

With the Epicor® ERP cloud system, your company will not be chained to a cookie-cutter system that doesn’t evolve with your company’s technology. 

Epicor® allows you to choose the ERP deployment strategy that works best for your business, so you can embrace innovation at your pace and achieve your growth goals and desired business outcomes. 

Epicor® makes upgrading your cloud system simple by deploying every upgrade as part of their standard cloud support service and deploying minor updates transparently and with little-to-no disruption to your business. Worried you’re not prepared for a large update? Epicor® makes sure to announce all major updates well in advance, giving you ample time to prepare. Upgrades are designed to demand little project management on your part, making them easy and seamless.

Peace of Mind with Comprehensive Security 

Data security is always a key factor in facilitating company growth. With good data security, your company is free to grow without worrying about a security breach. 

Epicor® cloud ERP system offers a comprehensive, end-to-end security model. To ensure your company is always protected, they have built security into every layer of the ERP environment. This allows Epicor® to quickly anticipate and minimize any distributions, giving you more uptime and better peace of mind. 

Wrap Up 

Datix is an independent Epicor® consultant, and we only hire the most knowledgeable and skilled consultants. You can rest assured that we will provide the best services. 

Unlike other consultants who leave you after the go-live date, Datix consultants stay with your company and are always there to make sure your software grows with your company and Epicor. 

Are you ready to make the switch to the cloud and facilitate company growth? Contact Datix today to get started!

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