Epicor Named a Visionary in Gartner Cloud ERP Magic Quadrant

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What Makes Epicor ERP an Ideal Cloud Solution? 

Cloud computing has made tremendous strides in recent years. As security concerns have waned, cloud deployment has become the standard approach for many enterprise software vendors. Recognizing the power of cloud computing, Gartner unleashed its first Magic Quadrant for Cloud ERP this year. This Magic Quadrant analyzes cloud solutions from ERP vendors that serve midsize manufacturers and distributors.

Epicor ERP earned a high ranking in the Visionary category, establishing it as one of the top vendors for cloud solutions. Why did Epicor perform well in the Magic Quadrant? We’ll elaborate on a few of the strengths that Gartner noted in its report.  

Microsoft Azure 

Epicor has always been a leader in offering multiple deployment options, such as on-premises, cloud and hybrid hosting. But this year marked a giant leap for the vendor’s cloud solutions when it partnered with Microsoft Azure 

Microsoft Azure’s public cloud platform is unmatched in its speed, security and innovation. With the most data centers and servers, Azure can provide fast processing speeds. It also supports an array of compliance measures and security best practices to limit downtime and mitigate risk. The platform constantly pursues innovation, developing intelligent edge computing solutions, artificial intelligence (AI) tools and machine learning (ML) technology.  

As Epicor standardizes deployments on Microsoft Azure, users can enjoy the fastest, most secure cloud platform on the market. Epicor is also working to leverage Microsoft’s cutting-edge technology to improve search functionality and add speech-to-text tools.  

Global Functionality 

Gartner noted Epicor’s superior capability to support global operations. Unlike many other vendors that serve small to midsize businesses (SMBs), Epicor provides strong localization functionality. Its global engines help users maintain compliance and manage finances around the world. Additionally, a multi-currency management module automates transactions in foreign currencies. With its multi-company menu, users can access reports, data and trackers across every location from a single login.  

By hosting Epicor ERP in the cloud, users can unlock advanced international functionality to manage complex processes and gain deep insights across your sprawling enterprise.  


Gartner found that many surveyed customers valued Epicor’s flexibility, which allowed them to align their software to their unique workflows and processes. Epicor prides itself on giving businesses the power of choice. In addition to supporting multiple deployment options, Epicor makes its architecture highly amenable to modifications. Its sophisticated customization engine allows users to make many changes with clicks rather than code, making it easier to tailor your system to your needs.  

With Epicor’s flexible cloud platform, you can easily upscale or downscale your services and access up-to-date data across multiple devices, making your enterprise more responsive and agile.  

Wrap Up  

With a strong vision for its cloud solutions, Epicor earns its Visionary status in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud ERP. By teaming up with Microsoft Azure to beef up its cloud platform, Epicor proves its commitment to continuous improvement.  

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