Epicor ERP 10 Must-Have Features

Epicor ERP 10 Features

Enhance Your ERP Performance 

As we’ve explained in previous posts, relying on a legacy ERP system such as Vista, Vantage or Enterprise can severely detriment your enterprise performance. Outdated software is at high risk of incurring serious errors or slowing down processes. Plus, providers won’t continue to offer support and services on older platforms.  

But these aren’t the only reasons why an upgrade is in order. Premier ERP vendors such as Epicor use upgrades as opportunities to strengthen their solutions’ reliability and introduce innovative functionality. To convince you to upgrade to Epicor 10, we’ve laid out some of the must-have features in the latest version of the ERP software.  

Faster Business Performance 

One of the aims of any enterprise is to speed up processes in order to deliver products and services quickly to customers’ doors. Epicor took this to heart when working on E10. Version 10’s response times are more than twice as fast as E9. Enhanced tools and workbenches also speed up installations and upgrades, so you can continue improving your software without hassle. 

Additionally, Epicor 10 enhanced its user interface and functionality to increase the efficiency of your employees. User-friendly dashboards, data analytics tools and improved reports will help everyone at your business instantly access data, respond to consumer demands and generate new strategies at high speed. This level of productivity makes companies more agile and dynamic.  

New Tools 

With technological innovation occurring at lightning speed, an ERP upgrade isn’t complete without all-new functionality. Epicor stays up to speed with cutting-edge software trends by including innovative features in each release. Here’s just some of the new tools in Epicor ERP 10: 

  • Product Configurator: E10 provided a much-needed refresh to the Epicor product configurator. Users can use the configurator to change orders at the quote, sales or job level, automatically updating the Bill of Materials (BOM) to uphold shop floor accuracy. It also automates the generation of part numbers and quoting to enhance efficiency. 
  • Epicor Social Enterprise: With ESE, users can stay in contact with each other in activity streams that mimic social media platforms. This new tool modernizes enterprise collaboration and gives employees an interactive way to stay in touch with each other and with critical data. 
  • Microsoft SSRS: With version 10, Epicor made the switch from Crystal Reports to SSRS. SSRS is the modern standard, providing greater agility and a familiar user experience. Its flexibility enables more streamlined reporting.
  • Active Homepage: Epicor 10.2 gave us a cutting-edge active home page, empowering users to personalize their screens and access relevant data at their fingertips. Embedded with business intelligence (BI) capabilities, the user-friendly home page makes it easy to drill into real-time insights and make smart business decisions.  

Improved System Architecture 

Epicor ERP 10 underwent the most intense quality assurance and beta program in the vendor’s nearly 50-year history. The result: streamlined architecture that lays the groundwork for business growth. E10 improved its architecture by removing one of its layers and opting for a 100% Microsoft Stack. These changes simplified IT processes, optimized performance and improved usability. 

Another benefit has been better scalability. Epicor 10 offers four times the scalability of its predecessor. That means your ERP system can keep up with business growth and greater volumes of transactions without putting a strain on your infrastructure or IT team. System scalability is essential for long-term enterprise support and maximum ROI.  

Wrap Up 

You want your business to be at the top of its game. That simply can’t happen if you stick to outdated technology. Upgrading to Epicor ERP 10 will bring new life to your enterprise, elevating your efficiency and powering business growth for years to come. 

At Datix, we’ve specialized in ERP implementations, customizations and upgrades for over 20 years. Our expertise has made us one of only a handful of consulting firms to earn Epicor Platinum Partner status. Additionally, we can seamlessly connect Epicor ERP with a variety of systems using our Unity integration platform, further enhancing your productivity and visibility. With an array of solutions and services, our consultants can take care of your software needs from start to finish. 

Ready to upgrade your enterprise? Contact Datix today to upgrade your ERP!


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