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SMB Cybersecurity

Why SMBs Face Growing Cybersecurity Risks 

Enterprise technology has made remarkable progress over the past decade, becoming easier for businesses of all sizes to implement and use. Unfortunately, with this progress has come greater cybersecurity risks. An astonishing 350,000 new malware programs and potentially unwanted applications are registered every dayBut at least these threats don’t impact SMBs, right? 

Wrong. Hackers are increasingly attacking small businesses because they often lack the resources to fully protect their data and applications. One study found that 76% of companies were attacked in 2019, up from 55% in 2016. Over half the businesses who are victimized experience $500,000 in financial damages. 40% of midmarket businesses also incur at least eight hours of downtime due to breaches.  

How can an SMB even begin to protect their technology from so many threats? We have some tips to help you keep your data safe.  

How to Combat Cybersecurity Threats 

  • Educate Employees: Phishing is by far the most common cyberattack for SMBs. Help employees detect and report suspicious emails, so they don’t end up providing confidential information or clicking links that introduce ransomware into your systems. 
  • Don’t Put All Your Trust in the Cloud: Though cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure can go a long way to protect your software, you still want to make sure your data is being backed up frequently and in multiple places to ensure proper recovery. 
  • Test Your Backups: You don’t want to wait until a disaster to find out whether your backup processes work. Test regularly to confirm that you can restore your data and maintain business continuity.  
  • Identify End Points: Businesses small and large often have multiple applications, devices and other end points that are susceptible to breaches. Put strategies in place to monitor and protect all these end points.  
  • Get Help: Cybersecurity is a lot for a small business to take on alone. Seek out expert help and disaster recovery solutions that can safeguard your data 24/7.  

How EverSafe! Can Help  

SMBs must have a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution to keep up with the demands of cybersecurity. EverSafe! has everything your business needs to protect your sensitive data, including: 

  • Screenshot backup verification, allowing the solution to test backup integrity, identify bootability issues and provide evidence of successful backups.  
  • Quick data restoration, data storage in two bi-coastal data centers and instant on-site and off-site virtualization, giving you reliable business continuity.  
  • Intelligent ransomware protection and remediation and immediate notification of malware detection, so you’re never held hostage by ransomware.  
  • Innovative technology designed to simplify the backup process, minimize downtime and safeguard businesses of all sizes against security breaches.  

Wrap Up  

Cybersecurity isn’t just a big business problem. A growing number of SMBs are becoming victims of malware, viruses and breaches. Without some form of disaster insurance, how can you have peace of mind?  

EverSafe! will protect your data at all times. For over 20 years, Datix has provided software solutions and services to small and midmarket manufacturers. EverSafe! and our certified consultants will do whatever it takes to ensure your enterprise technology stays safe.  

Don’t let hackers bring down your business. Reach out to Datix today to learn more about EverSafe! 


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