CRM Provider in St. Louis

CRM Provider in St. Louis

To find the right CRM provider in St. Louis — or anywhere — there are a host of factors to consider. The decision goes beyond software. For example, Datix, is the only retailer of Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM software in the St. Louis area. This was strategic on our part. Why? By providing both, we foster an unbiased and objective view when it comes to the system that best supports our client’s objectives.

Planning for a CRM implementation takes a lot of careful thought, and having options is paramount. Selecting a provider means thinking through all the details, and having all of your options on the table. We’ll walk you through some of our insight that we’ve learned from our mid-market clients in this short article.

Finding CRM that works for your business goes beyond selecting software

Finding and implementing a CRM system that fits your business is more than just measuring capabilities against each other. How the system will be used, the processes it contains, and the training that the people using the system receive are significantly more important. At a fundamental level, what you get out of your CRM is really defined by what you determined you needed to get out of it on the front end. This takes serious forethought; especially if this will be your first major CRM implementation. It’s important to think of how the system will be used, who will be using it, what departments will touch the software, and if the CRM will need to integrate with any other software. Those four elements will directly define your options and costs.

Finding the right kind of support

Relying on internal IT staff can seem to prove cost effective, right? “Let’s just pay for the license and have the IT guys run implementation.” However, we’d encourage you to look at the failure rates of CRM implementation. Internal IT staff are traditionally overloaded to begin with and don’t have the training or background to work with a CRM implementation. There are so many moving parts, that even if your internal IT staff could successfully get the software operational, there is an astronomically good chance that your system will not be configured to your business needs. Ultimately, your staff will lack the capability to operate the system properly. But what experts can you trust, and how do you stumble upon prince charming?

Why the biggest and highly-touted consultants might be the lousiest

After understanding the need for expert help you may be inclined to look toward someone that has a reputation for working with some of the largest and most well-known companies in the world. Unfortunately, these organizations are accustomed to working with companies that draw in excess of $100M in revenue a year. This is great if you’re a large corporation; however if you’re a growing business implementing a first CRM – or upgrading to a new more efficient solution – this could spell trouble. These large consultants traditionally don’t understand mid-market business needs or processes at a deep level. This means they will likely gloss over some of the ins and outs of how business processes can be modeled for companies in this classification. In short, large consulting firms often end up providing the mid-market with a solution that includes an inflated budget and an uninspired implementation.

What’s the Mid-Market to do?

This not a do it yourself project. You can nix the needle and code. Your best bet is to find an expert consulting firm that understands your business needs, and can help you understand your options and costs. Finding the right CRM Provider in St. Louis for the mid-market can be difficult. Datix Inc. has over 17 years of experience with the mid-market. Our experts are certified in both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce. We provide options in the way of software, and in the way of business processes. Regardless of your decision, it’s important to have the power of choice when deciding on your new CRM software. If you’re currently seeking a CRM Provider in St. Louis, we encourage you to give us a call. We have a strong track record and can help equip you with the data necessary for this important decision. Fill out the form above, and one of our experts will reach and supply you with information that may prove extremely beneficial in your CRM search. We wish you the best of luck.

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Let us be your CRM Provider in St. Louis – we provide Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics products and can give you an unbiased honest view of both for your organization.

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