CRM-ERP Integration: Strengthen Customer Relationships

Your customers want transparency from the manufacturers they work with, and they don’t want to be kept waiting. Nothing halts a potential deal faster than not being able to deliver a quote in a timely manner. Nothing turns off an existing customer more than receiving invoices or other communications that are indecipherable. To communicate and share information clearly with customers, you need a CRM-ERP integration.

Data Accessibility: Operate Out of One System

How can you share data quickly and easily with prospective or existing customers? The first step is having it accessible to your team by operating out of one system. With a CRM-ERP integration, your team will have a single source of truth, making it easy to find information that customers want. With Unity: Integration by Datix, you can have your user interface configured so that your most important data is immediately visible in charts or tables. Instead of adapting your business processes to your software, you can adjust your system so that your data is readily available.

With CRM and ERP data in one, Sales can see performance data to impress prospects, you can use pricing calculators to quote within moments, and production can be alerted immediately when new orders or a new customer comes in. With all your information in one place, your teams will be more efficient, while offering the best customer support possible. Find out how to take your business to the next level with Unity.

Faster, Better Responses

Interactions with potential and current customers are key to growing your business. However, many fall into the trap of either responding too slowly, telling them, “We’ll get back to you” (who doesn’t love hearing that?), or appearing to not know what the customer is talking about when they ask a question. When information is siloed in disconnected software, it is a major challenge to engage with customers meaningfully.

A CRM-ERP integration like Unity completely transforms customer interactions. With automated alerts set up, your teams will see when a response comes in, allowing your teams to reply quickly. Instead of having to push off giving customers information because you can’t get it, your team can pull up account records, look at historical figures, quote, and answer whatever the customer asks. Lastly, instead of appearing uninformed, your teams can take a proactive approach by recommending order schedules based on past data, upselling potentially beneficial products and services, and reaching out to hear how customers are doing.

At Datix, we are strong believers in customer service. Our Unity integration is fully managed, meaning that we take care of all the behind-the-scenes work for you. If you ever have a question, our Unity Support Team is available by phone or email to help, at no extra charge. In fact, 100% of clients said our team cares about their account and their success with Unity when surveyed! Talk to our team about Unity.

Streamlined Workflows Without Dual Data Entry

Organizations function best when everyone is working together. By having integrated, interdepartmental workflows, it is simple to automate tasks and decrease manual work. This gives your teams more time to support your customers and the tools to execute their orders faster.

For instance, companies with separate ERP and CRM systems often waste a lot of time reconciling and entering duplicate data into multiple platforms. This data entry must be done manually, so it takes a lot of time and is likely to have numerous errors within it. With an integration, you never need to complete dual data entry, and your teams have the data they need right at their fingertips. Automated workflows allow you to let your software take care of parts of your business processes for you, which also free up time for your employees. You can even get everyone on the same page through automated notifications. Don’t wait to streamline your business by integrating with Unity. As a fully scalable solution, Unity offers the reliability manufacturers are looking for to simplify their processes.

Wrap Up

Stop the cycle of losing customers. Instead, grow your business with a Unity CRM-ERP integration from Datix.

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