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Automate Business Processes: C# Code in Epicor® 10

After our consultants wrote a quick guide on how to call business objects in Epicor® using ABL/4GL code, we’ve received several inquires regarding the code for performing this same action in Epicor® version 10, which uses C# language. So, we’ve put together this quick how-to for you!

Below is the source code that you can insert to automate Epicor® business processes by calling a business object using C# code.

Here is the source.

Method directive on ABCCode.Update

add reference to UD01 assembly:

no “using” statements required

/*Delcare a UD01DataSet variable */
var UD01DataSet = new Ice.Tablesets.UD01Tableset();

/* Declare variable hUD01 of type Ice.Contracts.UD01SvcContract and set its value to null */
Ice.Contracts.UD01SvcContract hUD01 = null;

/* Select the first ttABCCode if it exists and store it in a new variable ttAbccode_xRow */
var ttAbccode_xRow = (from ttAbccode_Row in ttABCCode
select ttAbccode_Row).FirstOrDefault();

/*Set the value of hUD01 */
hUD01 = Ice.Assemblies.ServiceRenderer.GetService(Db);

/* If hUD01 is not null: */
if (hUD01 != null)
/* call the hUD01 object’s GetaNewUD01 method and put the result into the UD01DataSet variable */
hUD01.GetaNewUD01(ref UD01DataSet);

/* Get the first row from the UD01DataSet, if it exists */
var ttUD01_xRow = (from ttUD01_Row in UD01DataSet.UD01
where ttUD01_Row.RowMod == “A”
select ttUD01_Row).FirstOrDefault();

if (ttUD01_xRow != null)
/* Assign values in the new UD01 record. */
ttUD01_xRow.Company = Session.CompanyID;
ttUD01_xRow.Key1 = “AbcCode”; /*Table that was affected*/
ttUD01_xRow.Key2 = “CountFreq”; /*Field that was affected*/
ttUD01_xRow.Key3 = DateTime.Now.ToString(“HH:MM:SS”); /*Time*/
ttUD01_xRow.Key4 = System.Guid.NewGuid().ToString(); /*Unique Identifier*/
ttUD01_xRow.Date01 = DateTime.Now; /*Date*/
ttUD01_xRow.Number01 = ttAbccode_xRow.CountFreq; /* Value from AbcCode */
ttUD01_xRow.ShortChar01 = Session.UserID; /*User id*/
/*Commit record*/
hUD01.Update(ref UD01DataSet);

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