Break Up with Your Legacy ERP Software

Break Up Legacy ERP

Upgrade Your ERP Solution

You have to face it: After several years, your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software isn’t going to cut it. Regular upgrades are important for protecting your data integrity, getting the latest features and keeping your system up and running. However, many businesses drag their feet when it comes to software upgrades. Reluctant to undertake an ERP project, they continue operating on a slow, archaic solution—completely unaware that they are putting their performance at risk.

Do your company’s decision makers need a little push to get on board with an ERP upgrade? Are you starting to wonder if legacy software is causing your business to fall behind? Keep reading to find out why it’s time to dump your outdated system and upgrade your ERP solution.

Expensive Upkeep

When your antiquated ERP starts slowing down or experiencing glitches, there isn’t much you can do. Vendor support expires, meaning you’ll have to pay a big price to fix any problems. If you seek help outside your vendor support line, you’ll still run into trouble. Not many consultants will know how to resolve issues with an outdated solution, and those that do will charge more because of the extra complexity of working with legacy software. Sticking with old ERP software puts you at risk. When something goes wrong, it won’t be easy—or cheap—to get back on the right path. In fact, businesses spend about 70% of their IT budget on maintaining legacy software. 

Ultimately, the most cost-effective solution is to regularly upgrade your ERP system, so you aren’t paying the price of constant troubleshooting and error handling on a platform that’s nearing its end. An upgrade will move your business to a fast, reliable system. Though some organizations are reluctant to work on an upgrade project, the time and money required to execute your upgrade pale in comparison to all the resources that get wasted on upkeeping legacy software.

Changing Technology

Of course, old ERP software isn’t taking advantage of new technology. While you continue running legacy software, your competitors are reaping the rewards of artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT). These tools generate deeper insights to help businesses meet customer demands and strengthen their supply chains. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, forgoing new technology will result in customers walking out the door.

Software innovation isn’t just about flashy features and buzz words. With each ERP release comes critical improvements in the user experience. For example, Epicor ERP simplified its architecture and improved its dashboard design in version 10. These changes streamline operations and create intuitive experiences to facilitate faster enterprise performance.

Additionally, without an up-to-date ERP solution, you can’t effectively add new applications. Your legacy infrastructure simply can’t support the latest add-ons or integrate with current solutions. Outdated ERP bars your business from growing and improving.

Changing Business Needs

It’s not just technology that changes. Your business probably looks a lot different from when you first implemented your ERP. Legacy software doesn’t have the flexibility to keep up with your changing needs. As you add locations, employees and customers, your rigid ERP system won’t scale to accommodate this growth. Making any modifications to the software functionality will likely require cumbersome coding.

Modern ERP solutions include greater agility, particularly if they’re deployed in the cloud. Cloud computing enables businesses to scale their software without messing with expensive servers and hardware. The latest solutions also simplify customizations and configurations, giving businesses the control to align their software with their practices. Epicor 10.2 even includes personalized dashboards to empower each user to view the data they need the most to make decisions and execute processes fast—a critical asset in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Upgrading your software is key to growing your enterprise.

Wrap Up

It’s time to accept that your existing ERP platform is holding your business back from reaching its full potential. But breaking up with your legacy software is hard to do. Even if your business understands that the old system isn’t working out, it might be overwhelming to get a replacement.

That’s what the ERP experts at Datix are for. An Epicor Gold Partner, Datix has provided software upgrades and reimplementations for over 20 years. We follow a proven process to help manufacturers and distributors migrate to the latest Epicor solution. Whether you’re on Epicor 9 or still operating Vantage, our consultants will get you up and running on Epicor 10 in no time. At Datix, we’re committed to working with you from start to finish to maximize the value of your software and achieve your business goals.

Don’t waste any more time on your outdated software. Get in touch with Datix to upgrade your ERP!


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