Boost Your Marketing Strategy: Integrate HubSpot and Epicor

HubSpot Epicor Integration

HubSpot and Epicor Integration

Data should drive business processes from the top floor to the shop floor. However, this is easier said than done. Marketers, for instance, struggle to access data to gain a complete picture of customers. Almost 70 percent of marketers lack insight into customers and their buying processes. This visibility gap results in marketing strategies that fail to capitalize on opportunities to drive customer loyalty and attract new leads.  

By integrating HubSpot and Epicor, marketers can finally obtain 360-degree insight into customers while enhancing efficiency. HubSpot is a marketing automation solution renowned for its user-friendly tools for content optimization, email campaigns, lead management and more. Epicor, a leader in enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, has specialized in providing premier manufacturing and distribution systems for over 45 years. Both vendors empower businesses of all sizes to streamline processes and maximize the value of their data. Find out how integrating HubSpot and Epicor will elevate your marketing performance. 

Improve Efficiency 

Manual data entry kills your company’s productivity. If your enterprise systems aren’t connected, someone on your team has to manually enter duplicate data into other platforms. This not only wastes time but also makes it impossible to gain real-time insight into customers. An integration eliminates this tedious task, automatically updating HubSpot and Epicor information inside one database. This gives marketers real-time access to sales history, shipping orders, customer contacts and more. Using this data, marketers can proactively plan their campaigns and personalize customer experiences.

Automate Marketing Practices 

The majority of small to midsize businesses aren’t utilizing marketing automation. That means a lot of SMBs aren’t keeping up with growing consumer demands. Without automation, your buyer’s journey slows down, resulting in lost opportunities.  

Sophisticated integration solutions such as Unity automate processes without any work on the client’s end. HubSpot can leverage data stored in your ERP to send customers collateral immediately after they make an order or push email blasts to targeted audiences at critical moments in the buyer’s journey. The combined power of marketing automation and ERP enables marketers to personalize customer interactions without putting in extra labor. 

Increase Upselling and Cross-Selling 

A good marketer knows that most sales will come from existing customers. But understanding how to drive repeat business is a bit more complicated. An integration between HubSpot and Epicor helps you promote customer loyalty by automatically sending emails and other campaigns to customers for related goods and services. Additionally, HubSpot includes sophisticated analytics and reports that ensure you deliver marketing materials to the right people at the right time. 

An integration is especially crucial for businesses that organize orders and deliveries through a third party. Marketers can’t rely on sales histories to find information on customers who order through these sources. However, they can obtain this data through the ERP platform. An integration populates customer information in one user-friendly interface. That means marketing teams can access critical customer data even if their company isn’t a first-hand provider and leverage that insight to capitalize on upsell and cross-sell opportunities. 

Wrap Up 

As business strategies increasingly rely on data, companies must bolster their marketing tactics with technology that helps them get the most value out of customer information. Connecting your marketing automation and ERP instances into a single source of truth can strengthen your marketing performance by increasing insight and productivity.  

With Unity, manufacturers and distributors gain a seamless software integration. Unity is a pre-built integration application built by Datix, an Epicor Gold Partner that has provided enterprise software solutions for over 20 years. Unity connects Epicor with HubSpot and an array of other systems to streamline business processes. Our expert consultants can implement and customize the solution within a short timeline, providing a hassle-free integration that fits your unique needs.  

Want to learn more about our premier software solutions and services? Get in touch with Datix today! 


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