Biggest Challenges to Overcome with COVID-19

We All Have a Part to Play

Few of us can compare our past experiences with the unique challenge that 2020 has presented us. The global development of COVID-19 has provided a foreground on how one virus can change the way our businesses operate across the map. While it may seem that our weakness is in our remote work and separation, we know that to be false.

It is together that we will overcome this crisis, and learn how to better care for ourselves, those near us, and our business operations. We each have a distinct and important role to uphold and we know you, our community, are manufacturers, distributers, and retailers. Your impact can be extraordinary, and your contribution is felt on a massive scale.

It’s not only essential to keep your business operational, but it’s also vital to communicate efficiently and accurately. Here’s how we can make this socially-distant world a more productive place.

Relay Timely Information

Timelines and deadlines are important, especially now. As events are unfolding inside and outside your organization, it’s crucial that everybody knows the correct information internally and externally. For any customer service or marketing automation needs, Datix provides integrations within Salesforce to maintain the free-flow and timeliness of all information. This helps you keep an accurate track of what’s changing and what your “now” looks like.

Review All Information in One Place

We’re all specialized in a particular segment, and your business software is no different when it comes to specialization. When it comes to guiding and creating efficiencies, information should come from one Unified place – exactly as it should be. Too many separate streams of information and sources can not only clutter a working environment, but also trigger additional efforts that you may not realize. Unity is as important and as essential as your CRM right now. Streamline how you review your data with an integration application that syncs your ERP and front-office software from one central hub.

Collect Payments & AR Quickly

Each company is facing a different state of affairs and different challenges. One of the most daunting challenges is the increasing difficulty of receiving payments and maintaining financial stability. Your greatest help today—increase your business’ cash flow and reduce the risk of transaction failure, delays or bottlenecks. You can do this by using EbizCharge for clear, easy-to-use and integrated payment solutions. Use your CRM with this integration for the greater good of your business and the economy while saving money on payment processing, embracing PCI compliant automation and getting your business future-ready during the present.

Keep up the Good Work and Keep Calm

We all impact the health of this volatile economy and it’s up to us to make that impact a positive one. Choose your social collaboration software, integrations, and solutions wisely and think about how your remote employees feel. Be responsible and be an active part of the solutions we all need right now.

Covid-19 continues to ravage continents and dramatically change our way of life and our business operations. We will probably never get used to the uncertainty. It takes a common effort to heal the body, the economy, and the world itself.

We will continue to be, stronger together.

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