Advanced Backup and Disaster Recovery for a Remote Workforce

Your Software Effects Your Goals

In the increasingly competitive enterprise industries, efficient processes, powerful innovations, and system agility are supremely important for any business to launch profitable products and stay ahead of the competition. The market is growing more diverse leading manufacturers, distributors, and retailer to pursue their critical growth factor.

One of the great benefits of being in an association is connecting with the right mindset—a group of like-minded individuals who share common goals. Setting clear common goals is the best segue to reach that critical growth factor. Your organization strives for goals like these monthly, quarterly, and annually. However, nobody is perfect. With this need to produce diversity and growth by reaching your goals, one disastrous event could set your business back weeks or even months. Secure storage of data is more important than ever before. 

To avoid such a catastrophe, Datix has built a complete back-up and disaster recovery solution within our EPICOR environments that utilizes high availability servers, automated monitoring, and advance geo-replication (AI) site recovery.  As a result, your data is readily available with the most comprehensive, flexible and advanced recovery program. By using Microsoft Azure integrated by Datix, that disastrous event will set your business back as little as five minutes—allowing you to pursue your goals worry-free.

Support Your Goals and Growth with Microsoft Azure

For many customers, Microsoft Azure, provides an inherent flexibility that allows them to define the frequency and extent of their company data back-ups as well as the ability to handle any regulatory requirements or data storage requirements. Most of our cloud-based environments back-up transactional information from every five minutes to every four hours with data retention plans that can be held for up to 30 days—based upon the level of operational efficiency assurance required by our customers. Two to three copies of your data can be stored in up to three different locations in the data center as well as an additional two to three copies stored in a remote Microsoft Azure region.

These environments also provide improved processing speed and elimination of latency in addition to disaster recovery. The traditional “Tape Backup” did not provide benefits like a stand-alone backup solution, and often required a physical person to schedule and deploy the tape. You never have to worry about losing data with autonomous backups and traffic managers actively monitoring flow.

The cloud infrastructure has been designed to allow you to grow, reach your goals, and expand your business without worrying about data loss.

Microsoft Azure Environments built for EPICOR 9, 9.5, 10, 10.1, and 10.2

Your Goals Affect Your Software

A common mistake is to assume that you should choose your software integrations before defining your business goals, requirements, and the potential for growth and operational improvements. While some of the workflow details are specific to your chosen software, focusing on your goals to create innovation is the most effective way to pursue this critical growth factor.

By eliminating the anxiety of lost time and effort, you gain the potential for this innovation in the long run. What does this relief look like? Hitting the undo button on a data disaster.

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