5 Tips for Robust ERP Training

ERP Training Tips

ERP Software Training 

Let’s say your ERP software implementation is executed to near perfection. Every module went live without a single error. But no matter how great your go live, your entire investment could be a bust. That’s what happens when businesses fail to undergo software training and change management. Sure, Epicor ERP includes intuitive tools and dashboards, but the new system will still require some adjustment. Users might not realize how to leverage deeper insights and other features to refine their strategies or streamline processes. 

That’s why you can’t undergo software projects without end user training. Follow our five ERP training tips to foster user adoption from end to end of your enterprise.  

1. Focus on Results 

When it comes to ERP training, you don’t want to waste your time and money. That is why training should be focused on real-world cases, not walking users through stock examples, modules or functions. You should train on the system that has been created for your enterprise with the specific daily activities your employees will perform. 

Furthermore, you want to measure that your training strategies work. Develop KPIs to track user adoption and performance. These metrics should focus on your business priorities. For example, if excess inventory was a core issue that prompted your ERP implementation, track your stock levels and lean metrics. This will help you determine if users have appropriately leveraged the inventory management module to reduce waste in your warehouses.  

2. Train for Each User 

Users won’t gain any valuable insight from a single training session that rushes through every module. Training should consist of multiple methods and sessions to fully educate each user on tasks relevant to their specific roles. For example, while you thoroughly train your super users across multiple tools, you can teach accountants all about financial management features.  

Additionally, remember that your employees have various learning styles. Many will benefit from hands-on training. Others can pick up the system on their own if you just point them to manuals or training videos, like those on our ERP demos site. Some require multiple techniques and resources to figure out the new software. Implement several training methods to give everyone the tools they need for ERP success.  

3. Make Training Fun 

ERP training doesn’t have to be a bore. A key part of your software implementation and change management strategies is instilling excitement throughout the enterprise. With relevant use cases and impressive statistics, you can demonstrate how the system will improve the company and cut down on the rote work that wastes employee time. Show users how they can play with innovative tools such as business intelligence (BI) and real-time analytics to get a more complete picture of your enterprise.  

You can also think outside the box to make training more engaging. Turn training into a game to promote some friendly competition, offering rewards to users who meet critical metrics or successfully complete training programs. Start a social media group where users can ask questions and share their insights to promote collaborative learning. One of the purposes of ERP, after all, is to promote collaboration—might as well start working together throughout the change management process. 

4. Never Stop Learning 

Enterprise software encourages continuous business improvement, but only if users continue to learn how to  leverage the latest tools. Refresh users on the system about once a year. This will ensure everyone understands how to use features available in the newest release and remind them of other critical features. Furthermore, this will give recent hires a chance to gain a deeper understanding of the software. Continue to keep track of relevant metrics, and focus continued training on areas where users are behind.  

5. Get Expert Help 

Let’s be real: It’s not easy to put together a comprehensive training strategy when you’re also getting acquainted with your new ERP instance. Though software vendors can provide a wealth of resources such as training videos and guides, they can’t delegate experts to personalize a training strategy for your unique business needs. For third-party consultants or value-added resellers, however, this kind of individualized assistance is their bread and butter. They’ll go to great lengths to provide on-site training, conduct demos and develop relevant use cases to encourage wide-spread user adoption. 

Wrap Up 

For most of us, change isn’t easy. Even the most user-friendly software takes a little getting used to. The purpose of ERP training is to speed up user adoption and help employees understand how to optimize their daily tasks with relevant software tools.  

When you team up with Datix’s premier consultants, you’ll receive a team of experts committed to following ERP best practices, from selection to end user training. Whether you’re an SMB or global enterprise, we’ll do what it takes to help users make the most of the new software. As an Epicor Gold Partner, Datix will work with you from start to finish to deliver scalable ERP solutions that enhance employee productivity. 

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