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ERP Manufacturing Modules

Epicor ERP for Manufacturing 

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Manufacturers are under more pressure than ever to maximize shop floor efficiency and deliver fast, affordable products and services to their customers. To gain the competitive edge and meet customer demands, manufacturers must pursue digital transformation. Advanced enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions centralize manufacturing data into one powerful hub, enhancing insight into operations. Plus, an array of modules and functions manage processes from end to end of enterprises, automating workflows and increasing accuracy. 

However, not all ERP software is created equal. Manufacturers should seek out vendors that serve their industry and offer the support they need to boost business growth. Epicor, for example, is an ERP vendor that has provided premier manufacturing solutions for over 45 years. To help you in your ERP selection process, we’ve listed the three ERP modules essential for manufacturing success.  

Inventory Management 

Inventory control isn’t just one of the most important steps to boosting your shop floor’s productivity—it’s also one of the most difficult aspects of managing manufacturing operations. Businesses often lack direct access to inventory data, and as companies grow, keeping track of stock becomes a greater challenge. A robust ERP solution isn’t complete without an inventory management module that can track and maintain the right number of products and materials at all times.  

With Epicor, users gain real-time access into their inventory. Epicor is both granular and flexible, allowing users to track individual lots and products and supporting an array of inventory requirements. With sophisticated tracking tools, you can transfer products from your warehouse to your customers, ensuring your clients don’t lose their orders. You won’t have to worry about shelf life or expiration dates, as Epicor can track the quality and quantity of your products across multiple warehouses. Demand forecasting functionality will also help you maintain accurate stock levels by using an intuitive system to identify the demand patterns of each item. This insight allows businesses to avoid overstock or understock, helping them become leaner enterprises.   

Supply Chain Management 

As manufacturers expand, supply chains become more intricate. Enterprises can’t afford disruptions in their supply chains, but they are harder to avoid as companies outsource more operations, add new sites around the world and team up with suppliers and partners. A supply chain management (SCM) module maintains real-time visibility and automates workflows no matter the complexity of business processes. 

Epicor has a distinct advantage over other software vendors because its SCM functions are built within its ERP solutions. This provides users with one comprehensive database to manage operations from end to end of their enterprise. Epicor offers 360-degree visibility to enable users to carve out areas of waste and meet customer demands. From the beginning of the supply chain, Epicor helps users approve suppliers and automate purchase orders to meet material requirements. Throughout stages of production, it tracks parts, automates replenishment and offers advanced forecasting to improve accuracy and power efficiency.  

Project Management 

Though successful projects are essential to a strong bottom line, manufacturers tend to surpass budgets and timelines, driving away customers. Epicor’s comprehensive project management module gives users full control over every stage of their projects, no matter the complexity. The solution provides up-to-date notifications as well as embedded reports and analytics to ensure nobody loses track of progress. Epicor integrates resource, time and expense management tools into a central source to streamline projects. In addition, audit trails and approval queues enable managers and supervisors to keep tabs on employees and enforce compliance guidelines.  

To help teams work together, Epicor also created Epicor Social Enterprise. This solution mimics social media platforms to provide instant updates and allow users to work together to solve problems through an interactive feed. By offering complete transparency and a range of flexible tools, Epicor gives manufacturers the power to execute a large portfolio of projects with precision and speed.  

Wrap Up 

Epicor is committed to supporting manufacturers by creating comprehensive solutions. Its ERP platform includes an array of flexible, out-of-the-box modules designed specifically for manufacturing success. Such a powerful system will take your productivity to the next level. 

Let Datix’s ERP experts help you on your journey to greater manufacturing success. In addition to being an Epicor Gold Partner, we’ve provided manufacturing and distribution services and solutions for over 20 years. From start to finish, we’ll make sure your ERP software is aligned with your specific business needs. After carefully modeling your business processes and assessing your requirements, we’ll develop a thorough implementation strategy. Our certified consultants will ensure that you have the right modules and functionality to maximize the value of your investment. 

Count on Datix to be your one-stop shop for enterprise software solutions. Get in touch with us today to learn more!


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