1 EDI Source Gives You Full Business Control and Visibility

1EDISourceGivesYouFullBusinessControl&VisibilityProtect Business Sensitive Information with an EDI Software 


A successful and smooth supply chain requires excellent communication. Most companies turn to electronic data interchange (EDI) to communicate and do business. An EDI is designed to add security to your business by allowing only strict access to data by authorized users. They also allow you to share data securely across communication fields, protecting your business information and speeding up the process of sharing necessary documents. 


However, how do you know which EDI application is going to work best for you? We recommend an application that is owned by experts in the field and is easy to use. But you also need something flexible enough that it can be changed to fit your unique needs. 


1 EDI Source by Epicor® provides all of that. By using their EDI software, you will get full control and visibility of your business through a flexible and scalable software. 


EDI Software Made to Fit Your Unique Business 


1 EDI Source has a comprehensive suite of EDI software products to ensure you get the solutions your company needs. 


Further, 1 EDI Source will take the time to develop a tailored integration plan based on your unique processes, current back-office system data setup and  trading partner’s specific EDI requirements. They will use this to create a system and processes that are easy to maintain and update as your company evolves. 


Wide Range of Products to Meet Any Needs 


1 EDI Source offers a wide range of products to ensure they have something to meet every company’s needs. From easy to use and understand applications to applications that are fully outsourced, the company offers everything needed to help your business begin integrating EDI. 


  • HQXchange (HQX)– 1 EDI Source’s most comprehensive solution. HQX bundles its mapping and translation software with its visibility portal and complete data encryption software, giving you full insight into your company, and allowing you to easily satisfy all partners’ and customer needs. Plus, HQX is extremely flexible and can be molded to fit your company’s individual needs. 
  • ManagedXchange (MX)– A fully outsourced EDI solution managed by 1 EDI Source experts. MX allows you to focus on your core business without having to worry about the things you’d be missing out on without EDI software. It gives you access to a full visibility portal to easily view any valuable business documents, and it ensures trading partner compliance.
  • EDI HeadQuarters (HQ)– An EDI translation and mapping software. HQ allows you to take full control of your EDI solution by giving you enhanced EDI visibility. This allows you to quickly and easily satisfy your partner’s requirements, implement EDI and integrate your data. HQ helps to ensure you have a successful EDI implementation that works for your unique needs. 
  • Partnerxchange (PX)– A simplified EDI solution for SMBs. PX is an intuitive cloud-based EDI solution designed to be easy to use even if you have little to no EDI experience. It allows you to easily share, edit and respond to documents with your trade partners and allows you to maintain visibility into all documents exchanged with your partners.
  • IntelligentXchange (IX)– 1 EDI Source’s visibility, analytics and alerting tool. IX is an easy to implement tool that works with an EDI translator to give you full EDI insight. Allowing you to quickly and easily identify and fix issues before they can affect revenue or business relationships, it can be accessed across all of your company’s departments.
  • AS2 Complete (AS2)– 1 EDI Source’s Data encryption software. This software is designed to create a way to safely and effortlessly communicate by quickly establishing a secure connection. AS2 makes it easy to send data to your AS2 partners and allows you to immediately receive data. 

Wrap Up 


An EDI software could be invaluable for to your company and allow you to continue to grow. However, EDI and ERP implementation can be tricky to tackle. Because even if you have the right software for your business, if it is implemented incorrectly it will only hinder your company. 


At Datix we have over 20 years of experience with ERP and we are an independent software consultant. Our consultants are dedicated to ensuring that your software is implemented correctly, on-time and under budget. Plus, we know that your business is always growing and evolving and that your software should as well. That is why, unlike other firms, Datix consultants stay with your company after your go-live date to provide continued support and updates. 


Interested to learn more about how 1 EDI Source can help transform your business? Or are you ready to take the next steps to implement the software? Contact Datix today to discuss next steps! 

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